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How to Become a Personal Trainer

Updated on December 3, 2017

As the sport has become increasingly important for those who want to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and fitness halls have become one of the most profitable businesses from the last decade, the cardio, the services and facilities offered, as well as the personal trainers play a decisive role when it comes to this lifestyle.

Along with the development of this field, the demand for fitness instructors, those specialized trainers who guide us and provide us with sport, motivation and nutrition-related pieces of advice has grown significantly.

That is why more and more sports enthusiasts are seeking for these persons or, moreover, they are trying to mix business with pleasure by becoming one (a personal trainer).

However, the road is not as easy as some would think

In order to become a fitness instructor is not enough to have a good physical condition and to possess some vague knowledge about fitness and nutrition.

What is the role of a personal fitness trainer?

At least when it comes to the theory part, a fitness instructor MUST fulfill numerous tasks.

A fitness instructor should supervise the training of those present in the gym, advise and motivate them to accomplish their physical goals.

When meeting a new member of the respective gym, it would be advisable for the instructor to have a little talk with him about any injuries, diseases or the goals he expects to fulfill during his/her time here.

In addition to these general requirements, many fitness instructors also attend additional courses to teach spinning, aerobic, step or Zumba classes, which most times, represent a huge “plus”.

What qualities a personal trainer must possess?

First of all, the trainer must have knowledge of the human body as well as gym equipment including all varieties of treadmills, dumbbells, etc,. Should teach various types of training and their correct ways of execution (information gained from the graduation of specialized courses in the field), be passionate about sports, possibly publish articles in the field and keep up to date with the latest sports news.

What studies do you need to follow in order to become a personal trainer?

The first class that you must graduate is the one provided by the National Academy of Physical Education and Sport.

This particular course would transform you into a qualified presence into a fitness room and the title of a personal trainer.

What Benefits a Fitness Instructor Has?

As a fitness instructor, you have the role of improving the lifestyle of others.

You will contribute to changing their lives in a positive way, and this will not be without appreciation.

As an instructor, you will have enormous satisfaction by doing this, which will also help you in your ascension to success.

Once you become a personal trainer you have two options:

You are either getting a job in a regular gym where you will have a fixed schedule and a decent salary where your employer will decide your path, depending on your involvement.

In case you will work for yourself, as a personal coach, you will benefit from the opportunity of choosing your customers, to charge any amount of money and to decide your schedule.

Last but not least, nothing is more satisfying than to surround yourself with people who want a positive energy.

You will be optimistic, full of energy, eager to help others, do what you like, and you will lead a life free of acute worry and stress.


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