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How to Become Positive

Updated on September 28, 2016

Moon and the Sea

The moon's reflection in the sea creates the magical beauty of positive natural act!
The moon's reflection in the sea creates the magical beauty of positive natural act!

How to become positive for inner health

People know that to become positive is helping in life overall. It is very good considering inner health too! But the issue is related with our own system of thinking, accepting and allowing negative things unknowingly because of constant active mind!

Yes, our mind is constant active and when we are sleeping its activity leads us in dreams. Psychology has few details about that and still research is going on. But in general our mind has natural habit to become active every moment!

Considering Heart

The heart has emotions, sensitivity, goodwill, compassion and love! Our emotions have duality and envy, anger like odd and negative emotions also. The positive thing is our sensitivity; we can sense the emotion and its type! We can get immediately feeling of envy and anger, though we are driven by them! To sense those kind of negative things is one good indication regarding to understand and then to deal with those with a positive result!

One has to think by the heart! And to follow that one has to purify the heart first! It means to purify our vital element: There is a saying that when a half filled glass will be put and ask the persons what would you say about this? At that time the positive person will say the glass is filled half and negative person will say the glass is half empty!

Well, this is an old story now. We can talk about new one that when a train will be late for 2-3 hours then the negative person will say that ‘what a rubbish thing! Let me get back home, complete some work and then think to catch the train or not?' The positive person will stay there and start his work considering, ‘well, late for 2 hours only, its okay!' Or such person might find out another way to reach the destination in time!

The Urge for Positive Attitude

What ever characteristics we talk about the positive attitude and thinking process; it is not so easy as per so many people because of daily required things and to meet several task at a point where all such count with success and failure! And so it is become a necessity to use defense technique though it is called negative!

There is still a possibility to become positive regarding all such odds: If a person wants to become positive, s/he can become surely. There should be an inside urge for that, nothing more required because that urge will always make you aware regarding your positive attitude and provide you alert messages for that!

Here, inside urge means person's center of existence, where the reality of being is leading the person for certain thing, which are positive in all the relative terms! If this urge is active then there will be more chances to become more and more positive regarding overall life and for small things also! At the same time who ever wants to activate this urge then sincere efforts make it easy.

Let us try to go through some keys to activate the inside urge or say let us try to reach the inside center of existence so that such urge will be awaken and activated by the process automatically!

The Methods and Processes

There are few methods and processes related with positive activity. All methods mentioned here are simple in doing but to practice continue will lead you for the success. Here are few methods to follow by you!

1. One can make out a list of negative things s/he has and then write down the positive things s/he wants to open up from within. This is a process of to be true to one's own self! But this will definitely lead for the purpose gradually!

2. If mental process is needed to treat then one can apply the mental screen method to deal with certain things which have negative element/s. Mostly we look up when thinking or try to get some thing at mental level. At that time we see little up, say 20 to 30 degree up than our parallel seeing position. Here is hidden the key to treat the mental negative things: There is a screen and we always look at that to get thoughts, solutions, or even express the things we want to convey to our selves. One can put the negative things there and manually erase those, then write down the positive things to cultivate positive attitude! There is no need to say that this also needs a self sustain sincerity with truthfulness!

3. If one wants to learn to think from heart (mostly people think with mental level and very few have this capacity as a natural occurrence) then s/he should make clear the things related with heart and have the negative elements within. Our heart has bunch of emotions: which have negative value, like envy, anger, disliking and so on. To remove those things from heart, one needs practice, patience and continuous effort to watch one's own emotional level and get through it! It is little long process but if one can maintain well then there would be graceful jumps too and positive attitude will be with you for ever!

4. This one method is very positive regarding to start with. You just write down what ever good and positive with you. Then decide value about all such. Now you can go to increase what ever good and positive with you and when ever any thing against those good and positive comes up just deny and reject!

5. The most effective but hard one method is to watch the self continuously regarding what ever reactions, responses and reflections come across! Don't act upon, don't judge upon: Make simple assessment regarding those reactions, responses and reflections and submit to your deep heart while meditating with an intention to choose the most positive things for promotion from within.

Mostly people know the things around them but some time don't want to follow. If one small practice gives benefit then the person concerned will consider the truth behind these methods and processes. And may be tell to others and this positive step will lead others to join in this inner adventure of becoming positive for the betterment of life!

I really hope this dream will have to be grounded as the real happening!

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