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How to Change the World in 24 Hours

Updated on June 6, 2016

How to Change the World in 24 Hours

As a child, we often got told to make wishes. Blow out your birthday candles, make a wish. Its 11:11, make a wish. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? The most common answer for a child is a pony; a bike; a holiday to Disneyland. However, as we grow older we desire more global outcomes such as the end to world hunger, the need to achieve world peace, the wish to have a healthy body and mind…

What if I told you these wishes can come true? They could come true today. Just by changing your diet.

Every day 2.6 million cows are slaughtered for meat at a weight of 1,250 pounds (lbs). For every 1 pound of meat, a cow must eat 6 pounds of corn. This means that every day a 19.5 million pounds of corn is fed to cows worldwide. The US alone could feed 800 million people just by giving grain to starving people, instead of force-feeding cows which will die within 18 months of birth.

In fact, in 2011, 883 million tons of corn and 260 million tons of soybeans were grown globally. However, 50% of corn and 80% of soybeans were fed to livestock rather than the 925 million people who face hunger and starvation each day.

My question is: why are we allowing children, women and men to starve just to satisfy our dietary wishes?

Despite popular beliefs, animal products (meat, dairy, eggs, ect) are not healthy. By avoiding meat, you can lower the risk of cancer, lower the risk of heart disease, and lower the risk of kidney/gallstones. Not only that, but meat can carry diseases due to the disgusting conditions animals are kept in. Antibiotics are pumped into the livestock’s feed in attempt to avoid such diseases, however this also affects the consumer of the meat by causing a development of intolerance to antibiotics, making it more difficult for doctors to cure illnesses in humans.

As for dairy, we’ve all been told to drink milk for strong bones, however, studies show that we’ve all been lied to. Instead of providing calcium for developing bones, dairy does quite the opposite. Dairy is the leading cause of osteoporosis; this is because animal products, especially dairy, produce poisonous by-products when broken down which causes problems with digestion due to the body’s attempt at buffering the toxins before eliminating them. Put simply, humans are not supposed to drink cow’s milk. If your dog had just had pups, would you take her milk and pour it on your cereal? If your cat had just had kittens, would you take her milk and pour it on your cereal? If a chimp just had a baby, would you take her milk and pour it on your cereal? No? Then why do you take a cow’s milk?

And eggs? They cause high cholesterol. Enough said.

Not only are the physical benefits better for your health, but so are the mental benefits. Studies have shown that those who avoid eating animal products have lower stress levels and it also aids in lowering anxiety levels and depression.

What’s not to love?

By changing your diet in just one day, you can drastically improve your health, contribute to ending world hunger and join the fight for world peace by not taking part in the ruthless slaughter of animals.

Join the fight. Change the world. Go vegan.

Rebecca Ward -


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      2 years ago

      BACON - enough said


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