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How to Choose a Gynecologist

Updated on May 27, 2008
Maybe Baby?
Maybe Baby?

Which Gyane?

Choosing the right Gyane is can be a difficult choice.

Firstly you have to decide on whether to go to public or private? What are the costs involved? Can your claim your medical bills from the state or insurance? What upfront/hidden costs are there involved?

Most important are you comfortable with male or female gyane.

For me I have tried both government and private gyane and will definitely recommend a private gyane if you can afford. Here in Singapore the charges similar with a private gyane only costing slightly more.

By going private you cut down the unnecessary time wasted in queuing to see the doctor, payment and collection of medication/supplements.

Also for my case I selected a well recommended male gyane who was very patient and experienced. Having experienced 2 miscarriages prior to the birth of my sons I was quite desperate for a good gyane.

This gyane that I chose was based in the medical suites within the hospital's compound. I find this essential as I did not want to risk the chance of the gyane being stuck in traffic and I had to wait for him to arrive will enduring the labour pains of childbirth.

In summary here are the points which you should consider

  • Affordability
  • Proximity and accessibility
  • Comfort
  • Professionalism


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