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How to Choose the Right Water Filter System for Your Family – Without Spending a Fortune

Updated on October 17, 2011

Everyone should be concerned about getting healthy, safe water for their families. Water is the key to living a healthy life and feeling great. There's no vitamin or pill you can take that'll substitute for drinking plenty of fresh, clean water. However, getting that water can be rather difficult. That's because many local water supplies aren't clean. They're contaminated by a number of substances, including heavy metals such as lead, bacterial infestations (including salmonella and e-coli), agricultural and industrial chemicals, minerals, chlorine and more. While drinking this water won't kill you, it will keep you from being as healthy as you possibly can.

There are a lot of options for people who are trying to get a healthy drinking supply for their families. Many people use water filters. Others prefer to stick to bottled water. However, every method has its problems. For instance, bottled water is expensive over the long run, costing about twelve dollars per gallon. It also contributes to our waste stream in the form of plastic bottles. There's a lot of oil used to produce each bottle, and they don't recycle well or biodegrade effectively. Most of them end up taking up space in landfills. Bottled water production itself is fairly wasteful as well, since as much as two gallons of water ends up being lost for each gallon that's bottled.

Bottled water might not even be any safer than your own. While it's filtered, each company has its own process, and not all of them are as complete as they should be. Add that to the fact that bottled water is taken from ordinary municipal water systems around the country, and the water you pay so much for might not be any healthier than what's coming out of the tap.

Water filters could be the answer, but you can't just buy any filter. Many cheaper models don't completely treat the water that passes through them, resulting in residual contaminants staying in the water. Instead of falling for a low priced, but ineffective filter's marketing, make sure you purchase a high quality, gravity fed water filter. It'll do the job without costing you a fortune. Around three hundred dollars is the initial investment, for a filter that'll last for years, and will process as much as two thousand gallons before internal elements must be replaced. That means your clean, healthy drinking water costs only a few cents per gallon. Countertop, camping, and drinking cup models are available, all portable enough to go with you if needed. In an emergency, they can even be used as a water filter system to treat water that wouldn't be otherwise safe to drink.

If you're concerned about the water your family's drinking and want to stay healthy without breaking the bank, take a look at high quality, gravity fed water filters from companies like Berkey. They'll provide you with years of pure, fresh water for a minimal investment, and it doesn't cost anything to operate them.


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    • profile image

      beths nutrition 9 years ago

      It's disturbing that even our local water filter supplies can't be trusted to be rid of things like heavy metals or bacteria and viruses. I've even heard of parasites getting into water supplies.

      One of my friends got amoebic dysentary when her town's water was contaminated. Even though they sent out the warning, she didn't have her tv, radio, etc on and didn't hear the warning until the next day. She started feeling bad and only realized later what was going on. It turned out to be harder to treat than they anticipated. Fortunately, she didn't suffer anything chronic. But it was a real wakeup call. We might have no idea when we're in danger.