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How to Let Go of Your Anger Without Losing Yourself?

Updated on August 1, 2017

Picture this. A tea kettle whistling and boiling over until the water is almost on fire. The kettle is your body and the water is your anger. How do you calm down when your emotions get the best of you? Your rage is a disease that takes over all your rational thoughts and activities. Anger is what curdles the blood and any pleasant relationships you have in your life. Marriages explode because of one or two tempers getting in the way of perfect happiness. Friendships shatter from too many egos trying to get out on top.

Controlling your anger is nearly impossible when every single outside variable seems to be ticking you off to no end. A single person, sound or smell can make you overheat. That item sets you off until an inevitable conclusion is found. It can be anything from broken glassware to destroyed relationships. Some people use their aggression for constructive or destructive purposes. Depending on the person or situation, either purpose can be considered necessary to knock out your explosive temper. My preference is usually to lean towards more creative outlets instead of causing any type of trouble to myself or others.

An idea to combat your temper is to go to a gym regularly to use a punching bag to beat your agression to a pulp. Wearing yourself out is also a good thing to do because it's better to be tired than upset all the time at the world. A simple activity to calm down your anger would be to take a walk and allow your anger to vanish. Going for a drive would be a bad idea because driving angry could lead to a possible car accident. Another suggestion would be get your emotions down on paper instead of locking them up inside you only to let your health suffer. Whenever I'm angry, I try to write some poetry or a story to get outside of myself and cleanse myself of any destructive thoughts. I also keep a diary to write down my daily activities and focus on all my problems when I need to talk about them.

The absolute worst case scenario to combat your anger is to talk to a counselor regularly to iron out your aggression. Find a counselor immediately on your own accord instead of being forced into an anger management case by someone else. Search for someone you trust before choosing a counselor. Look up their qualifications to get an idea of their backgrounds to see if they have the knowledge to help you fight your anger. Once you find a counselor, make sure you go to your appointments until your counselor sees fit that they can be terminated.

In the end, your anger only succeeds if you give it power to eat away at you. Don't let your anger control your life. Count to ten. Breathe easy. Take your time and you'll be fine. If not, consort with a higher power to cool down your temper.

How do you control your anger when the odds are stacked against you?
How do you control your anger when the odds are stacked against you?


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      10 years ago from India

      Nice. Thanks for Answering my request.


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