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How to Control Diabetes Blood Sugar Level to Avoid Long Term Dangers?

Updated on July 14, 2014

Diabetes Overview

More 20 million people in America are affected by diabetes. In normal circumstances, life span of diabetic patients is 10 to 15 years less than their non-diabetic counterpart on average because of many physical complications. Most of the diabetic patients are not aware that they have diabetes. Only after doing the test of diabetes blood sugar levels, in connection with some other disease, most of the patients recognize that they are diabetic.

Diabetic is a condition of having excess sugar saturating the inside cells of the body. This is because of the absence of a hormone called insulin which should be produced by the pancreas gland. In Type 1 Diabetes, pancreas is not capable of producing insulin and in Type 2 Diabetes pancreas is not producing enough quantity of insulin required by the body.

The presence of excess sugar or the frequent rise and fall of blood sugar will cause disorders on the different nerves, veins and arteries of the body. Prolonged and uncontrolled situation of the blood sugar will lead to vascular disease, kidney failure, retinopathy (blindness) and even to heart failure.

Diabetes Overview
Diabetes Overview | Source

Causes of Diabetes

Categories of people who are becoming diabetic patients are obese people, those who have a family history of diabetes and those who are not getting enough physical exercise. In women, early history of gestational diabetes can be a reason for this disease. It is safe to take annual checkup every year, if you are over 45 years of age. ‘Fasting Plasma Glucose Test’ and ‘Oral Glucose Tolerance Test’ are the two main tests using for the diagnosis of diabetes.

Tips to Lower Diabetes Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes Foods: Fruits and Vegetables
Diabetes Foods: Fruits and Vegetables

Diabetes Treatment and Diabetes Prevention

Diabetic patients can lead a normal life if they are able to control their blood sugar levels within the limits. Early detection of the disease will help a lot in controlling the disease. Diet control, regular exercise and medicines are the methods used to control blood sugar levels. If they are willing to adopt certain lifestyle changes, they can keep their body healthy like others without the fear of immediate side effects of the disease. Diet Control and Exercise are the required life style changes here.

DIET CONTROL: You should change your diet under the supervision of a doctor. Only a professional medical person can determine the items that you should include in your diet, after assessing the intensity of the disease. Normally a diabetic patient is not allowed to eat cakes, candies and cookies. Instead of the usual three meals per day, it is better to eat five small meals. You should have to be mentally prepared also to follow these diet changes for the success of the treatment.

A list of foods that are suitable for diabetic patients and another list of foods that is to be avoided by them are given below:

Recommended Foods:

  • Whole grains, whole grain flours, whole grain bread and baked potato.
  • Fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables (lightly steamed), fresh cucumbers and fresh cabbage.
  • Fresh and frozen fruits, fruit juices and sugar-free jam.
  • Baked or grilled meats, low-fat cheese, skinless chicken, baked or broiled fish and baked beans.

Foods that are to be avoided by the diabetic patients:

  • White flour, processed grains, white bread and French fries.
  • Canned vegetables, pickles, vegetables cooked with butter or cheese.
  • Canned fruit, regular jam and fruit drinks.
  • Fried meats, pork bacon, regular cheese, fried fish and poultry with skin.

About 10 Popular Foods That Do Not Affect Diabetes Blood Sugar Level

Ardhamatsyendrasana - Yoga Practice
Ardhamatsyendrasana - Yoga Practice | Source

EXERCISE: Regular exercise is very necessary for the physical fitness normally. If you are diabetic, exercise is very much needed as a part of the treatment. To enable your pancreas to produce enough insulin as per the requirement of the body, you have to maintain good health. Heavy exercises are not required, mild exercises like walking, swimming or playing games are enough for the purpose.

Yoga exercises are very beneficial for the treatment of diabetes. Yoga breathing exercises are helpful for the development of physical fitness and also for the treatment of many physical abnormalities. The movements in the yoga practice consist of different twists and stretches of the body and this will increase the blood circulation and oxygen supply to the major organs which will enhance the efficiency of their functions. There will be a reduction in diabetes blood sugar level after the regular performance of yoga exercises. The following yoga exercises or asanas are recommended for the treatment of diabetes:

  1. Meditation (Concentration)
  2. Pranayama (Breathing practice to preserve vital energy)
  3. Anuloma-Viloma (Another breathing exercise which helps to get rid of toxins from the body)
  4. Suryanamaskara or Sun Salutation (Increases blood supply and improves insulin administration)
  5. Jalaneti (Saline nasal irrigation to clear the impurities of nasal passage)
  6. Paschimottanasana or the Posterior Stretching Pose (For stretching spine and shoulders)
  7. Ardha Matsyendrasana (For the improvement of abdominal organs)
  8. Vajrasana (A sitting pose which helps to calm mind and body)
  9. Savasana or Death Pose (Helps to lower blood pressure, physical fatigue and mental tension)

Practice yoga in early mornings or evenings under the guidance of a teacher or watching training videos.

Yoga Exercises for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes Cure
Diabetes Cure | Source

Be Careful and Avoid Future Complications

The studies show that control of blood sugar in many cases is possible by the strict diet control and regular exercises. In some cases, administration of low doses of medicine is required to control blood sugar level. If you are overweight or obese, strictly take measures to reduce your weight within the healthy limits. These changes will enable a diabetic patient to reduce the high risk factor of developing full-blown diabetes and lead a normal life happily. They have better chances for not developing more diabetic complications than the other patients who are not very attentive to control their diabetic blood sugar levels.


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    • Tom Marshal profile image

      Tom Marshal 3 years ago from India


      Hi, thank u more making this comment.

    • bigfeet profile image

      Marcus 3 years ago from California

      Great article Tom. I think the biggest issue about Type 2 is that people just are uneducated. Thanks for adding to the information!

    • Tom Marshal profile image

      Tom Marshal 3 years ago from India

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for reading this article and for your comment. Diabetes and high blood pressure are too common diseases and both of them requires life long treatment. But at the same time these diseases can be controlled by some food control and doing some exercises regularly. Most of the patients are not aware about this or they are not getting the right guidance.