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Grief and Loss: How to Cope with Baby Loss

Updated on November 7, 2011

Grieving to Healing

May this article will help mothers to cope with the loss of their child. It is indeed sad the loss of your precious one whose life’s taken away so early. I, myself undergone the devastating circumstances of my life. I lost my first child and still trying to recover up to now. She is a stillborn baby. Regardless of your situation whether you had stillbirth or miscarriage, remember that you are dealing with the most traumatic event in your life. Time can heal. Give yourself enough time to grief. It is normal to experience the following stages during your grief.

· Denial. You may be in this emotion for some time. It’s really hard to accept the death of your baby in any reason.

· Anger. “Babies are not supposed to die. They are the beginning of life, not an end. Why not me instead?” These are the few questions you might ask. Let your anger pour out from within. This can alleviate you afterwards.

· Guilt. You may be blame yourself or someone of what happened.

· Depression. You may be experience loss in appetite, cannot sleep. Consult your doctor and ask for some medication if needed.

· Acceptance. Accepting loss is not easy, but if you learn to accept the things, it would be easier for you to move on, but don’t push yourself too hard, slowly you will get over it. Open your mind and think of the things in the future.

I gone through this grieving process, but it takes time for me to adjust and accept everything. There are still moments in a day that I can’t help myself but to cry. I missed my baby so much.

These are few suggestions that you may take to gradually overcome your loss.

Take care of yourself. Eat on time. Take vitamins. Your health is important. Remember that your body is still in the process of recovering from your delivery.

Don’t stay alone in a room. This will lead you to think back of the situation. If you are ready to go out, don’t hesitate to do so.

Talk to someone. Comfort and sympathy from your partner, friends or other people is really important. Read informative articles or talk to people who experience the same who understands very well your feelings.

Keep yourself busy . Get back to work if you are ready. If your mind is busy of something else, you will notice that day by day you are improving.

Healing will come in time. It will take weeks, months or even years to recover from the loss. It depends on the person on how she will respond on the situation. There are things in life that is beyond our understanding. There are situations that are beyond our control. Even how painful it is, there must be reason and only up there knows.

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