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How to Cope with Stress in Life

Updated on August 17, 2013

Stress is Normal

A simple rule to dealing stress is understanding that stress is a normal part of life. Don't think it's odd when you encounter stress in your everyday life. Every human being faces stress. (That's a simple statistic I know, but it's the truth!) Life is filled with various stresses; big and small. People react to stress in different ways. Some are able to handle typical stress in their lives, while others have a harder time dealing with stresses they encounter in their life. How you react and respond to stress is very important; physically, emotionally, and socially. Some people probably like stress and it gives them motivation to complete tasks and better themselves. But the majority of people do not like stress. If you find yourself struggling when it comes to dealing and coping with stress and you wish to find more ways to cope, please read this article. I will break down simple, easy-to-do ways in which one can deal with and manage stress in their lives.

Copyright- Nick Wolf
Copyright- Nick Wolf

Coping Through Creativity and Art

Expressing one's self through creativity and art is a great way to cope with stress. Use whatever creative talent you have to help you deal with stress. We are all talented in our own unique ways! Below is a list and explanations of helpful ways in which you can use your creativity to cope with your stress. (And help reduce it!)

  • Writing: Writing is a very helpful way to deal with stress. Personally, writing is my main outlet to help me when it comes with the overwhelming stresses that come in life. Writing poetry is my escape. (And it honestly keeps me sane!) After I write a poem I feel relieved and I become more calmer and optimistic. Writing your emotions down (whether it be through journaling, poetry, or songwriting) is a healthy and beneficial way to cope with stress. If your a writer or a musician, you probably agree with me. Expressing oneself through writing helps get your stress and emotions out onto paper. Use writing as a release for your stress. Pick up a pen and just write away. Write stories, poetry, songs; anything!
  • Art: Using your own artistic abilities is another great way to cope with stress. Artists tend to pour out their emotions through their art. Whether it be painting, drawing, charcoal, sculpting, pottery, whatever it may be; all art is a very easy way to release one's emotions. Even if your not good at art, it can still be beneficial for you. Even doodling on paper with a pencil can be a way someone can find an outlet! So, if your artistic, give it a shot. Express yourself through your painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. Release your stress and welled up emotions through your art.
  • Photography: Photography can be a great way to release stress. Taking pictures of scenery can really help calm you down. Photographers find peace in their photos. They love the task of taking, developing, editing, and sharing their photos. So if you like photography or film, try to find that as an outlet for your stress. Express yourself and find joy in it!
  • Music: Music is another great outlet. Whether it be writing, playing, or listening to music. Personally, I love listening to music. Listening to music is a great way for me to escape and enter the world of the musician. Singers and songwriters really know how to express themselves through their music. That's what is so awesome about music; it's a way people release their emotions and express themselves through their lyrics. Music is a great way to cope with stress. So, listen, write, and/or play music. Do whatever you can through music to release your stress!
  • Reading: Reading can be a great outlet. There's so many things that one can read. (Newspapers, Magazines, Articles, Blogs, Poetry, Novels, History, and the list goes on and on.) I love to read and I've recently enjoyed reading mystery and crime thrillers. When I'm reading a novel it's as if I enter another world. I enter into the world of the author and I follow the character's lives throughout the book. It's a great way for me to get my mind off of the stress in my life. So, try reading to cope with your stress. Just pick up something and read. (Also reading helps your mind and health, so that's a plus!)
  • Relaxation: Relaxing gives yourself a break. Find a place where you just feel relaxed. Maybe its the beach, the harbor, the park, in your room, on your balcony, in your garden, your living room; anywhere where your able to feel peaceful and calm. Watch a comedy on tv, enjoy the sunset, take a walk along the beach, take a nap, walk your dog; find any peaceful, relaxing activity that can help you feel calm and relaxed when it comes to dealing with life's stresses. If you find a time and place to relax every single day it will most likely help you handle your stress.

The above tips are just a handful of helpful ways that I have found to help me deal with stress in my own life. Try any of them, or all of them, and see which way helps you the most!

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Coping Through Communication

Talking to someone about the stress in your life can help you tremendously. Talking to a trusted friend or relative can help relieve the tension, confusion, and the uncomfortable feeling one gets when facing stressful situations. Talk to someone who loves and cares about you and it may be a good outlet for you. Releasing your emotions through communicating with someone has the ability to help you deal with and understand stresses in your life. Sometimes when people face stress in their lives they just want someone to listen to them. There's more than likely, at least one person, in your life that you know that has a great ear to listen to you. Explain to them your stress, your problems, confusion, whatever you feel comfortable telling them; and they may be able to help you find different ways to cope with your stress.

There are also other people you are able to speak to that can help you get through your everyday stresses. There are so many therapists and counselors out there that can be very helpful for you and give you techniques in which you can handle your stress. They get paid to help you! Also, there are plenty of helplines (if you don't feel comfortable talking to someone face to face.) Search around in your area and find a therapist or helpline if you think this would be a better option for you when it comes to communicating about your stress.

If you're spiritual, praying to your higher power may be beneficial for you. Prayer is a great way to find guidance and direction in one's life. Personally, my faith has made a impact in my life and has helped me cope with my stress.

Copyright- Nick Wolf
Copyright- Nick Wolf

Coping Through Positivity

Being positive when dealing with life's stresses is one of the best things you can do for yourself. (I know, a lot of people say that!) But it's true. Being optimistic and looking on the bright side of a stressful situation is very beneficial for you. It probably won't take the stress away at first, but it definitely will ease the tension and the emotions that stress gives a person. When I say being positive I mean, have a positive outlook with life's stresses. Come to the reality and understanding that stress is a normal part of life. Everyone faces stress in their lives. Our response and outlook in life's stressful situations really affect the outcome of our stress. We can either let stress bind us down and overwhelm us, or we can step up and understand that stress is 100% normal in a human beings life. As humans we have the choice to be positive or negative about the stress we are facing. It's not easy, to be positive, trust me. But being positive through stressful situations will help a whole lot. Look at life's stresses as an opportunity to better you. Look at stress as an opportunity to mature and grow you. Every situation happens for a reason. Every stressful situation that a person faces in their life is there for a reason. It's your choice; either overcome stress and beat it or let stress hold you back from achieving anything.

Another great tool is to, repeat positive sayings to yourself like: "One step at a time." "One day at a time." "I know that everyone deals with stress, I'm not the only one." "I'll take one thing at a time." Also, when coping with stress, remember to not only have a positive outlook, but also be patient. Understand that there isn't a magic pill to take all your stress away. (I honestly wish I could just snap my fingers and 'Boom!' stress is gone.) But that's not how life is. Life is hard. Circumstances in life bring stress. There's no way to run away from stress. If you try to run away and ignore your stress, it won't do you any good. It'll just make your stress much harder to overcome. So, try embracing life's stresses with a positive outlook and remember that stress is normal. By doing this, you'll be able to feel a lot more comfortable when life shoots it's "missiles of stress" at you.


I hope that this article benefited you and gave you more options on how to deal with the stresses in life. Remember: Stress in life is normal, there are plenty of ways for you to handle your stress, and how you look at and react to stress is key with managing stress in your life.


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