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How to Correctly and Safely Use a Tampon

Updated on June 23, 2013
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How safe are Tampons.

Tampons are safe. If you keep them clean. And you know how to use them. Tampons are confortable . And protect you from stains . You need to used the correct size. Tampons are from regular to super regular. There are many brands and different prices. Tampos are made from cardboard applicators to plastic applicators.

Dangers of Tampons.

If you left your tampon inside too long . It is dangers and unconfortable. If you forgot. And used your Tampon one on top of the other. You can end with bad odor. Some pain and a possible infection. Things you can do. If this incident happen to you.

Instructions For Safe Tampons.

  1. Keep your tampons safe in a clean place.
  2. Do not let your Tampons get wet.
  3. If you drop your Tampons on the floor. Do not used your tampons. Remenber the floor has lot of bacteria.
  4. Do not forget your tampon inside your body.
  5. Take your Tampon out before. You used another tampon.
  6. If do know how to take. Your Tampon out. You call a friend or your doctor.
  7. The instructions of how to use a Tampon are on the box.
  8. If you used a Tampon that you dropped on the floor.And you have heavy bleeding. Go to the Pharmacy. Ask for a rinse to douche.
  9. Do not forget to use a sanitary napkin with your tampons for extra protection.

How to Use The Tampons.

The instructions of how to use a Tampon are inside the box.
The instructions of how to use a Tampon are inside the box. | Source

No More Worries.

Visit Your Doctor. Or go to the near Pharmacy and talk to a Pharmacist. There are solutions to every women's problem.


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