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How to Create a Birth Plan With Printable Templates & Worksheets

Updated on June 18, 2013

Why do I Need a Birth Plan?

If you have ever been in labor or seen someone in labor, you know that the woman is not at full mental capacity in the heat of it all. This is important to note because this is when things can go off course and not as you had pictured. If you have always wanted a certain kind of labor and delivery, you need to make sure you have a birth plan.

This birth plan needs to cover every possible scenario and what you would like in that situation. You need to also make sure your spouse, doctor, nurse or whomever else is in the delivery room with you, has a copy of your birth plan. The reason for this is that you may have wanted a natural birth with no drugs but the pain overwhelms you, your not thinking straight and you beg for that epidural. When everything is all said and done, you may be very upset that you didn't end up following through with what you wanted. A birth plan will help make sure that everyone involved knows what you want and helps to follow it. Be sure to put the copies of your birth plan in your hospital bag so you know it will make it there with you.

What Should be Included in my Birth Plan?

EVERYTHING! Seriously though, you need to cover all of your bases. In the process of creating your birth plan, you may come across options you didn't know were available to you. You will want to research them to know what you would really like to happen if you were to need whatever procedure it is. When you begin to create a birth plan, ask yourself who, where, what, when and how as you think about your ideal birth.

Topics to Cover in Your Birth Plan

  • Pain Management
  • Who will be in the room with you?
  • How would you like the atmosphere of the room?
  • How would you like your baby to be monitored
  • Would you like any kind of labor props? (birthing ball, pool, etc.)
  • Would you like someone coaching you through the pushing phase?
  • What positions would you like to be in
  • Where do you want to be during your labor and then delivery?
  • Who is going to deliver your baby?
  • Who is going to cut the cord?
  • After the baby is born, do you want to room with him or her?
  • How do you plan to feed your baby?

These are just some of the questions you will want to ask yourself and educate yourself about.

Making the Decisions

Your best option is to sit down with your partner and discuss all of the options available. Bring your blank birth plan with you, during your pregnancy to all doctors appointments and classes you attend.

It is very important that you get all the facts and are aware of all the options you have from the moment you walk in the door of the hospital until your walk out (or get wheeled out) with your baby in your arms. Even though the majority of the decisions about your birth plan will mainly impact you, your husband may have strong feelings about some of them that you need to consider.

You can create your own birth plan by asking yourself questions like those to the right of this and using your answers to guide you. You can also use a birth plan template to make sure that you don't forget anything. The templates below will make it a lot simpler and more organized for you.

Samples, Examples & Templates of Birth Plans (Printable)

Baby Center Birth Plan Worksheet

This worksheet can be filled out and then printed or just printed out blank and filled in by hand. This is one of the most comprehensive birth plan worksheets.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Free Birth Plan

This birth plan can be filled out on the website and then e-mailed to yourself or printed.

Women's Healthcare Topics Printable Birth Plan Template

This birth plan is easy to print and fill out by hand.


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