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How to Create a Lasting Personal Happiness

Updated on June 5, 2013

Given that the premise “The only way to enjoy lasting happiness is to live the life you personally created for yourself…” is true; I created some suggestions on how this works in the individual level.

This idea is an abstract from the indisputable fact that “everything that exists, both natural and man-made, is the solidification and functions of a creative mind.”

I had personally applied this method to myself and found it to be very effective; I just want to share my experience, who knows it may also work for you.

1. Discover those things, types of people and relationships, events, and activities that lift up your spirit or that excites you naturally;

2. Make a list of at least ten items in each category of the ones mentioned above;

3. Rank and prioritize the items in your list, starting from most priority down to the least;

4.Pick one from each category; the ones that dominate most your thoughts and feelings in almost all your present moments;

I could add a hundred more items to the list but for the purpose of just showing an example, I pick only four items to work on.

An example

Discovering myself;

After making some mental revisiting my past concerning those “happy moments” of my life, I had decided on the following as among the ones that make me smile just by thinking of them.

Activity 1: Listing down 10 things that I love to do;

1. Creating my paper houses and other handicrafts such as crocheting, sewing, embroidery

2. Writing down my true feelings in a given moment

3. Listening to wholesome and favorite music, singing, composing lyrics of a song, dancing alone or with a group of good friends

4. Drawing or sketching or painting

5. Socializing, speaking or being surrounded by an audience of wholesome, attentive and appreciative people

6. Visiting and exercising or doing physical activities such as kalenethics in the gym;

7.Swimming in a pool or a river or the beach

8.Taking photographs of natural beauties, innocent babies, and many things that I perceive as beautiful and worth-preserving

9. Hiking or walking, down parks, highways and most especially by a beautiful riverbank, cool mountaintop that overlooks a village, blossoming wild flowers in a wide green meadow at a valley or plateau and walking by the beach;

10. Pedaling a bike around a wholesome and opulent subdivision

Activity 2: Listing down 10 (people) types of people and relationships that lift up my spirit;

1.My son and his children

2.My daughter and her lovely family

3.My husband

4.My best friend

5.Seeing old friends like Mina, Becky, Betty, Fredy, Raul Escobar, Ronald

6. My Dad and Mom

7.My Sister and Brother with their families

8. Some of my favorite ex-colleagues like Nayding, Odette, Ma’am Grace, Ma’am Shirley, Ma’am Orfi, and new acquaintances of their likes that they introduce to me etc.

9. My cousins Selfa and Silvici

10. My biological mother Esperanza

There could be more such as job, education, career, leisure and travels, places. The idea is you should recall all those things, people, events, places and things that you possess and that they actually made you happy in the past and at present and you sure will also be in your future.

Now using the two categories in the example above;

For the first category I take number 5 as number one in the rank and this is what I strongly feel as my immediate need.

“Socializing, speaking or being surrounded by an audience of wholesome, attentive and appreciative and inspiring people.”

Then my next choice to rank number one in the next category should jibe with my rank one in the first category so I pick number 8.

In this I realize that my immediate need is a career similar to what I had when I was with them that could uplift my spirit. Or, it could be that I need to have a job again in another setting and that my happiness would be when I socialize with wholesome people in a wholesome setting.

Realizing this particular need in a given time, then I would know what to do. Following are some possibilities;

1.Contact my daughter or Ma’am Veron, my best friend or any close friend within my proximity;

2.Arrange a party and tell them to invite their friends;

3.Create a viable reason for the party, something that convinced them of your being an attractive, if not irresistible friend.

4.Prepare an agenda to make the party alive. This party may be free, sponsored, or you spend for everything.

The idea is to discover your immediate need and create a situation to meet such a need. Don’t include financial problems in planning a situation like this; you will be surprised that ideas and resources present themselves once your mind is made up.

Okay. That’s all for now; Good Luck!


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