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How to Create and Maintain a Feelings Journal

Updated on March 16, 2013

Some useful tips on how to keep a journal

Learn to be consistent

To do an activity consistently means to do it everyday regularly if you are not the type of person that does this and if you want to keep a journal then this is what is going to make you learn to get into the habit. Start out by choosing a day and a time if you cannot write in the journal everyday it's a better idea to pick a day where you wont be that busy for example a better day to write in my journal would be on a Sunday just because that's the day that I don't have a lot to do. Once you start writing regularly that's when it will become more enjoyable and you will get used to doing it.

Complete every journal entry

When you start to write a new journal entry for each day make sure to add in the exact date of the day when you wrote it by doing that your entries will look good and less boring to read. Besides using your journal to share some of your thoughts and feelings try to also record some of the event that occur in your daily life and if you want to somehow have it as a personal reference then what you can also do is give out complete information about lets say the people that were there but write down the names first and last names so that way you know who those people were plus the dates as well as the year with the names of the places. For example include the name of the city, state and any other descriptions about your country just dont think that the events and the times will be familiar to your readers if you end up not including them on your entries at first this might seem annoying but as you keep on adding the important details in the end it will be worth it.

Make a variety of journal entries

A journal is all about expressing yourself so if you want to make it better your journal entries have to be about yourself what you are feeling, thinking, and also about the things that happen in your life its a place where the limits of emotion expression never ends.

Be organized

If you otherwise own more than one journal or you keep letters, calendars, poetry, or other journal entries then follow these steps to get organized.

  1. Get every piece of item together
  2. Start a index list for each item available that you have
  3. Record each item, it's dates from beginning to end and a description from start to finish of the items.
  4. Have your journal entries kept in a box safely, or you can also have them in your favorite notebook or another organizational kit that you may have.
  5. Place the index cover at the start of the first journal page.

Ask yourself some questions

For xample some questions that you can ask for yourself as to why you want to write in your journal are what would you like people to remember you as? What has god done for you in your life? and what would you like to tell your children or grandchildren about you?

One last life lesson from me

Is to never give up I always remind myself that when I realize that I took a long time since I wrote my last entry that I am looking at because then I might get mad so I like to remember that do not become discouraged if you end up not writing on it every single day all that matters in the end is that you write on it and that youwrite your feelings so you can grow as a person and feel good about yourself.


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