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How to Understand and Deal With Alcoholism or EtOH Abuse

Updated on September 20, 2014

Living with alcoholism isn’t easy, so I’m going to discuss how people should deal with their EtOH abuse. Now, you have to admit that you are, in fact, an alcoholic. I’m an alcoholic. See, not so bad, right? It’s true. I drank for like ten years at around 750ml of whiskey per day. No joke. I’m doing okay now, and you can be okay, too.

Most people are going to probably wonder, “am I an alcoholic?” Well, you might be and you might not be. The definition of alcoholic tendencies tends to differ a lot depending on where you get it from. My alcoholism definition is pretty straight forward: if you drink more than moderately three times a week, then you’re probably an alcoholic (or in danger of becoming one). One or two glasses is fine, but when you start drinking to get drunk constantly – you’re in serious trouble.

Binge Drinking Isn't Alcoholism

A lot of people do binge drinking, and that’s fine. If you aren’t doing it constantly, then the damage is pretty minimal. Scientists say that all the time. If you do like I did and binge drink every single day, then the damage really stacks up fast. Your body needs time to repair itself when you drink too much. Drinking is a serious problem when you do it too much.

Is alcoholism a disease? Sure, I guess. Does it really matter what it is? It’s a serious problem, that’s what it really is. Who cares how you define it? People who think about alcoholism as a disease are putting some kind of crutch to their arm. If you call alcoholism a disease, what you’re really doing is trying to give yourself an excuse to keep on drinking. It’s a disease! It’s hard to quit! I’m in the grips of this horrible affliction! Stop doing that to yourself. Who cares what it is.

Here Are Some Simple Tips For You

No Such Thing as "Functional Alcoholism"

Now maybe you’ve heard of a “functioning alcoholic.” This is a person who is supposedly able to get through life while sort of drunk. This is a fairly tale. The functioning alcoholic is just on a path to destruction and hasn’t gotten to the destruction part yet. See, an alcoholic is an alcoholic because alcohol is destroying their life. It makes you make stupid decisions. It destroys your body when you drink too much. It’s bad news when you can’t handle it.

How do you quit drinking alcohol? Simple. You simply stop drinking.

That’s all there is to it. You don’t need Alcoholics Anonymous. You don’t need treatments at a hospital. You don’t need support groups. You don’t need anything. Stop. That’s all.

“Oh, but it’s so hard to stop.”

Do You Think You Really Need a Program and Support Just to Quit?

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It's Easy to Stop

Tough monkeys. Just stop. I did it, and I didn’t need some kind of worthless 12 step program. I didn’t need to call people night and day and talk about my problems. I didn’t need to sit around crying about it. I just did it. If you can’t stop drinking, then you are a very weak person, and I’m not surprised that you drink all the time. You probably whine and cry a lot, too. Quit drinking. It’s that simple. It takes less than a second to quit. You just do it.

“But I have a disease!” – Stop it.

“But I need to drink!” – Just stop.

See how simple that is?

Dealing with the temptation to drink again is going to be hard. People are out drinking everywhere. But you can’t handle drinking when you are an alcoholic. Don’t live in some dream state thinking that you are one of those “functional alcoholics,” because believe me, they don’t exist. People are better when they are sober. Period.

Don't Forget How Bad Drinking Is for You

What you need to do is to constantly remember how much alcohol has destroyed your life. It ruins your body and your mind. You don’t need it in your life anymore! Just don’t mind all those fools at the bar getting hammered – they’ll probably all go home with some questionable female and get a disease. Look at alcohol that way, and you’ll be golden at staying away from temptation. You’ll be able to walk into a bar with friends and order a club soda. Hell, get rid of those friends who go to bars, anyway! They’re probably losers.

Do you want to be a loser? You know how you are what you eat? Well, you are also who you hang out with, too. A lot of people who hang out in bars are losers. There, I said it. It’s true. Let’s move on from that.

Anyway, if you’re still in the thralls of EtOH abuse, then you need to quit. I would say don’t even bother with support groups and programs. Those are for weak people that will relapse. If you are strong, just quit. Learn about why you need to quit. Examine how alcoholism has destroyed your life. You can do this. It’s really, really easy. There’s no temptation when you realize that you and alcohol just don’t mix. You should stop craving it when you fully are ready to acknowledge that it has destroyed your life.

Keep Fighting. Forever.

See, I stopped drinking because I realized that one drink is worthless to me. I need to drink more, and more, and more, until I feel really great. The problem is, I start acting like a complete idiot. I push people around, I do stupid things that get me arrested, and I generally act like a complete fool. Alcohol and I do not mix. If you are the same way – quit.

You’ll never be a truly functional alcoholic. So don’t even bother. We’re all functional alcoholics from time to time – just before we become dysfunctional alcoholics, usually. In fact, always. Sure, you got through the work day and managed not to get a DUI. You also yelled at your girlfriend and urinated on a tree later that night. You’re an alcoholic.

Most people say, “get help.” I say forget the help. You need to do this on your own.

Instead of drinking, get work done. The more you work, the less you think about alcohol. Whenever I get desperate for a drink, I work on my marketing and success blog for wealthy-minded people.

If you don’t think it’s as easy as this, then you, my friend, are a failure. Keep drinking until you end up dead in a ditch, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now just quit. It’s called willpower. Haven’t you got any?


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    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      4 years ago from West By God

      I am not a drinker but my husband is an addictions counselor.


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