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How to Deal with Anger and Learn to Control It

Updated on December 11, 2014

Basically, any person who is expressing anger seemed to act like the people who have power and can do anything they want. Anger is one of human characteristics, which are a direct reaction to a threat. A threat that came in motivating a person to do some form of defense that is to dominate. Therefore, they feel confident about themselves, which allow them want to have a fight so that they can protect themselves if they get ambushed or when feel threatened. A certain level of anger, in this manner, is fundamental to our survival. Anger can be arrested and when you can hold the anger, it can be changed or transferred. This can happen if you try to patiently hold back emotions. Stop remembering things that make you angry and focus on something positive. The point is to suppress or restrain anger and turn it into good behavior that has positive impacts on you and around you. The reaction by being angry can be fatal both to you and to others. Yes, anger can be turned against you. Anger that turns against you may cause hypertension, high blood pressure, and depression.

There are no easy steps to manage and control anger. It takes a ton of practice, acknowledgement and unvarying methodology to greatly improve yourself better. The steps on how to control your anger below will take some effort, but hopefully these steps can improve to help you control and manage your anger successfully.

Angry | Source

Begin by Take a Deep Breath

Start by trying to control your body, both physical and emotional reactions towards anger. Presumable your heart rate is expanded. Your breathing is rather fast than normal. Your front side is flushed or your voice is raised. The foremost venture to inward control is to breathe deeply. Inhaling deeply permits your body to load with oxygen. This will stop the adrenaline flows that surge your body when you are feeling angry. This added the oxygen rush to flows like no filter, open your inhaling, moderate your heart rate and permit your mind to resume rational thought.

Analyze your situation
Analyze your situation | Source

Analyze Your Situation

Once you’ve cooling down, try to find out what actually happened. A great route to break down of what happened is to envision that it happened to another person, it can be your spouse, sister, sibling, or a friend. Checking out the situation as a pariah may help you see the genuine truth. You may all the more plainly grasp where your displeasure claimed roots in, or you might see that your response was way out of dimension.

Be Aware of Your Situation

Before all else, you should acknowledge that there is nothing positive in being angry. You frequently become aware of other people who said releasing anger is okay to vent your indignation and gave it a chance to out. Anyway letting anger out or vent it just encourages madden more as you are focusing on it. To drench the blaze of anger is not to feed it. Acknowledge that you are irate and realize that there is nothing positive for being angry.


Doing exercise regularly helps you prevent and manage your anger. An energetic stroll around the block is an extraordinary thought. It discharges repressed power so you can approach the situation with a cooler head. Stretch or knead ranges of tension. Roll your shoulders in the event that you are tensing it, for instance, or delicately knead your neck and scalp.

Learn how to be patient
Learn how to be patient | Source

Learn to be Patient

Patience is one of the best cures for anger. At the point that you know you are rankled, take profound breaths and step afar. It permits your psyche to clear. This is where the second stage to control the anger is essential. You need to distinguish the sensation then after that steps distant. As you acknowledge more, you could be more careful. Along these lines take the venture to breathe, stroll distant or sit down to control you from responding with anger.

Find a Therapist

One of the best and most challenging courses to supervise anger is to discuss it. Provided that you have somebody you trust communicating your affections verbally might be quite healing. On the other hand discovers some competent therapist to encourage you to control your anger and confidently help you to settle your situation.

Anger is a normal thing. It's typically healthy because it's the form of human feeling. Anyway when it gets out of line and turns ruinous, it can prompt situations for example situations at work, in your private connections, and in the on the whole nature of your essence. Furthermore, it can make you feel as if you're at the kindness of an unusual and capable feeling.


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