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Dying From Disease Is Unnecessary

Updated on October 25, 2010
Good Health Can be a Life-long Condition
Good Health Can be a Life-long Condition

We Have the ability to Live a Long and Healthy Life

Recently my wife and I were watching a network TV newscast, and the anchor was reporting the death of a celebrity who had died of cancer, and he said, “So and so died at home of natural causes…” Have we become so conditioned by the vast numbers of people dying from terrible diseases that we actually think that these are natural deaths? They are not. In fact…

Science tells us that our bodies are capable of lasting a hundred and twenty-five healthy and disease-free years. Dying from disease is not a natural death, and contracting a terminal illness in our life time is not a requirement of living, although it does take intelligence, insight and determination to walk through the mine fields of this toxic world without one or two. The first step, however, is to know that we do not have to become seriously ill, ever! My wife and I have lived for over thirty-four years without health insurance, and we’ve never needed it. In fact, the last time I was hospitalized was during the time I had health insurance. My wife's last hospital experience was the birth of our son, thirty-eight years ago, and she’s been healthier than I. Neither have we had any accidents needing medical care.

We Have the Edge We Need to be Healthy In This Toxic World

As mentioned, it takes intelligence, insight and determination to remain healthy for a lifetime, but not just any level of intelligence will do. All of us are gambling with our lives every day in this extremely filthy environment; so, we need an edge, and we have it. We have an innate intelligence, genius actually, that has been part of our psyche forever but has been buried beneath all the head noise of our modern age. The primary function of this intelligence is to keep us safe and alive. This is the same intelligence I discovered in Nancy when, as her psychotherapist, I helped her to use it to heal herself of terminal cancer. Unfortunately, most of us have lost contact with this innate intelligence as over the last thousand years or so the increasing influence science and technology has programmed us to believe that our rational, thinking brain is the only one we have. As we began focusing on and using our rational brain almost exclusively, we’ve produced more and more thoughts that are not only useless but fear-producing and block the insights coming from our special intelligence that works primarily through our creative mind and intuitive mind.

Using Our Special Intelligence To Safeguard Us

So, we’ve lost the edge that keeps us safe, but we can definitely get it back. My wife and I, and we are not special, know how to listen to the intelligence within us that streams the information we need to stay healthy and safe. You can to, and it’s free. Alpha training is a simple, science based technique that I developed when I was personally in dire need of help to get my mind and life together. It worked for me and it can for you if you’re willing and motivated to do the simple thing required to change the neuron pathways in your brain from noisy to quiet, from cluttered to clear. Then, with practice listening, you too will be aware of that special intelligence guiding you through the mine fields, and you can live a long, healthy and happy life. What more could we ask for?

©sgscalese, 2010


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    • Sgscalese profile image

      Sgscalese 7 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      Thanks, SimeyC...Many are refusing to take responsibility for themselves and would prefer to believe that they are victims. This is the primary reason our country has such a dismally low health rating and our insurance costs are skyrocketing. The standard thought process today is, "I can't do anything to protect myself from disease; so, I must be taken care of by the medical profession. They are the experts, and I know nothing about my body." Those of us who know better are very blessed to be in charge of our lives. Let's stay healthy and spend our money on fun things instead of insurance premiums an co-payments!

    • SimeyC profile image

      Simon Cook 7 years ago from NJ, USA

      I totally agree with you. Cancer is not the natural order for man, same with heart-attack, stroke etc - they are mostly caused by modern society - cigarretes, over-eating etc - man can control a lot of his 'intake' and therefore lead to a death by 'natural causes' or 'old age!'....excellent article!