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How to Tone Your Butt The Fast Way

Updated on September 3, 2017
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Getting Started

If you want to tone and firm your bum in the shortest amount of time possible, I have the answer.

I have some exercises and other tips on firming the buttocks that will help you to tone your butt quickly.

The exercises I am going to show you are extremely effective and are not hard to do and can be performed at the gym at home or anywhere.

Toning your butt is not hard to do; all it takes is some effort and consistency from you. You don’t need fancy exercise equipment or hard to understand diets to follow either. If you are wanting to tone your butt you are more than likely also wanting to firm the rest of your body as well.

If that is true then you are probably interested in exercising your whole body and not just your rear end.

Someone who is interested in toning is someone who should be interested in eating healthier because you can have a toned butt that is covered in fat and that is probably not what you want. This article however is to show you the fast route to a firm derriere.

This is a Very Effective Exercise

There are two routes to a firmer rear end. Direct training and indirect training. First the direct training.

There are 2 exercises you should be doing that are extremely effective and will give you results 100% of the time if you are consistent with your training.

Stiff legged deadlifts and Swiss ball reverse leg curl. Don’t be afraid of the name stiff legged deadlifts as it is not like the traditional deadlift you see the big behemoth muscle men performing.

Let’s learn the stiff legged deadlift first.

The stiff legged deadlift will tone your butt in record time. A bonus to this exercise is that it will not only tone your bottom but it will tone your hamstrings (back of your thighs) and middle back as well.

Basically the stiff leg deadlift is bending over with a certain technique.

You can’t get a much easier exercise than that. If you have never done a stiff leg deadlift before and are not currently doing any other exercises I recommend performing this exercise with no weights for the first couple of times.

Stiff Legged Deadlift Execution

To perform the stiff legged deadlift stand with your feet pointing straight ahead and narrower than shoulder width apart.

Pull your shoulders back and pretend there is a pin running through your spine so you can’t bend it. Bend forward letting your arms hang, as you bend forward your butt should move back a bit.

Bend over far enough so your back is not quite at the parallel point. You don’t want your back arching. Once you are at the bottom of this position with your arms hanging down lift your upper body upwards but only come up ¾ of the way.

The effective range for this exercise is the bottom portion to the ¾ point, work within this range to really work your gluteus and whole back area of your body. Make sure your shoulders are pulled back at all times.

When you perform the stiff legged deadlift you should feel a bit of a pull on your backside and hamstrings, if you don’t then you need to adjust your position.

The goal is to feel that pull. If you are already working out you can use light dumbbells when performing the exercise. Some people use a barbell as well.

Perform 3 or 4 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions for one workout. Let your backside recuperate for a few days and then perform the same amount of sets again.

When you find you can add more weight to your dumbbells or repetitions then make sure to do so because a strong butt is a firm butt. That is the stiff legged deadlift in a nutshell. Watch the video to help you perform the exercise properly.

Swiss Ball Reverse Leg Curl

The exercise works excellent for me.

My butt is sore after doing this one every single time so this exercise is obviously my favourite out of the two although I do perform both.

To perform this exercise you need a Swiss ball.They can be purchased just about anywhere and are very affordable and you can do dozens of other exercises with them to strengthen your whole body.

To start off lie on the floor with the ball under your ankles and heels.

Keep your back and body straight, you will have to use some core strength for this which is another bonus of performing this exercise.

Keep your hands and arms out to the side or somewhere you find comfortable. Using your legs roll the Swiss exercise ball towards you by bending your knees only.

Your legs will shoot up into the air a bit, when the ball is close to your body tense your buttocks area for a second or two and then return to the starting position.

Make sure to keep your upper body straight at all times, do not let your back round out. Key for this exercise is to feel your buttocks and hamstrings working hard and tightening your butt when the ball is pulled towards you.

You might find yourself having to balance yourself a bit when pulling the ball back which is fine because that just means your core is not strong enough yet. In a short amount of time you will find that you are not off balance as easy which means your core has strengthened.

Check out the video I have included to help with your execution of this exercise.

Perform 3 sets of as many repetitions as you can do. Each workout, try to do more repetitions than you did the previous workout.

Perform both of these exercises two times a week worked in with the rest of your workouts.

How to perform a swiss ball leg curl

A Toned Butt is a Happy Butt


A Tip an Exercise Let's Do it

Here is my tip on another great way to firm and tone your butt. Walk. Yes walk.

Walk a few times a week for more for at least twenty minutes at a time. Walking is a great way to tone your lower body and midsection.

You don’t have to run or jog just walk. A lot of people really miss out on the benefits of walking. When you walk at a moderate pace your heart rate is working at the perfect rate to burn fat which is another important factor in toning your butt.

You can walk more than 3 times a week if you want but 3 will do wonders for you. Increase the amount of time your walks take and speed up the pace once in a while for a good cardiovascular workout.

Walking would be the indirect way to train your buttocks.

Perform the 2 direct exercises I have given you twice a week and include walking at least 3 times a week and in a month’s time I guarantee you will notice a big difference in your backside for firmness and even shape.


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    Grant Handford 6 years ago from Canada

    Victoria thank you. Thanks for the votes!

    Hi Brie, You are welcome. Cheers.


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    Brie Hoffman 6 years ago from Manhattan

    Thanks for the tips, I needed them.

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    Victoria Lynn 6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

    Well put-together hub!I'm going to bookmark for when I'm ready to exercise to tone that butt! haha Great hub. Several votes, including up!