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How to Emotionally Detach From Anything

Updated on June 3, 2019
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer, and company director from the UK.

How I Define Detachment

I define detachment as not needing. You can still love someone or desire something when you are detached. You might think that sounds like nonsense. How can you want something if you are detached?

Your view of detachment is probably a little different than mine. You've probably heard about it, maybe in conjunction with The Law of Attraction, and thought oh it's just another term for letting do. Just another way to tell me I can't have that thing that I really really want. Not so. Detachment is not needing. It's not being desperate because you know you are okay anyway.

Everything Has It's Time

I like to think that everything has it's time. There is no need to cling to something so that you strangle the life out of it. Holding on tightly to anything only serves to hasten its journey in the opposite direction.

You are whole the way you are. There is nothing you need so much that it becomes your be all and end all. If you think you do, then you've come to the right place because I'm going to show you how you can release anything at will.

My Story of Releasing Attachment.

Releasing attachment really will make you feel better. It will improve you physical and mental health. Wouldn't that be nice?

I used to get very attached to people and things. I found it incredibly hard to let go. I just could not accept anything but the way I wanted things to pan out. I've never thought of myself as a control freak, but I guess when it came to planning my life, I was out of control with control! That makes sense right? Well it does to me.

I had no idea that what I was doing was stalling my desires from coming to me. Putting such pressure on reality and the Universe to move in a certain way to bring me the exact thing I wanted at the exact time I demanded. Sure I often got the things I was after, but not quite in right way.

When I started getting into Neville Goddard's teachings I realised that I was doing it all wrong. I thought that by going for what I wanted with gusto and being determined that thing would happen exactly as I expected them, then they would.

Neville once said 'If you meddle with the way something is going to happen, then you will only cause a miscarriage' or words to that effect. How right he was. This hit home and it was like a bolt-of-lightening. Now all I had to do was learn how to detach. Easier said than done. I persevered though, and here I am, an author at last and it wasn't even all that hard. Actually I barely remember how it all happened because it happened in double quick time once I started releasing all of my pre-conceived ideas about how it ought to happen.

How You Can Let Go and Detach Too

I have spoken about this technique before and that's because it applies to pretty anything you want to change. It's all in the feeling. Sure I can tell you that all you need to do is to let go, but who the hell knows how to do that. Yes we all get the theory but the practise, well that's a whole other thing isn't it?

If we all got things just by understanding the theory behind them, then we'd all be getting what we wanted every minute of every day.

Understanding the theory is good. It's the first piece of the puzzle. It's not a very big puzzle but it is rather more complicated to put together than it seems at first glance. Actually it often feels like you've lost the very last piece so it's always going to remain incomplete. I'd say don't give up, but actually DO give up. It's a sure fire way to get it!

This technique requires some peace and quiet. No deep breaths or meditation are required. Phew...I cannot meditate to save my life and becoming aware of my breath makes me feel anxious. All you have to do is to sit quietly for a few minutes. Try not to focus on anything that makes its way into your head at this point.

Getting the Feeling of Attachment

Really? But I thought we were trying to ditch that feeling. We are, but first we must live with it for a few minutes. Feel it completely. You see, it has a feeling doesn't it, a vibration if you like that word better.

Now you want to find the opposite of that feeling. Say 'detachment' to yourself or out loud if that feels better to you. Then get that feeling. You have to evoke it. At first you might not think it's going to come. Give it a few tries if you need to. Don't give up on detachment. When it hits you, see how long you can hold onto it. Keep it for as long as possible.

Do this as many times as you can during your day. Once you've done it in peace and quiet the first time, you should find you can do it anywhere at anytime.

Detachment isn't Usually Instant

I find this takes a little while. But the way I see it is that if you've been living with attachment for months or even years, then what's a few weeks?

Some lucky people will find it happens immediately that they get the feeling of detachment. They suddenly feel the release. This is not usual, but not impossible.

This exercise really is worth the effort. It's not time consuming and when it works, it's like a little bit of magic.


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