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How to Get Away from Stress: Social Media Detox

Updated on March 16, 2020
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Mich is an engineering graduate but has always been a writer at heart. For her, writing is not just a hobby, it's also her form of therapy.

Most of us can't live without an internet connection. Technology, just like what our grade-school teachers taught us, made our survival easier. Your phone can have everything in it. From a camera to messenger, to a compass, to calculator. You can also read news and listen to music in just one click too. All you need is inside that one gadget you carry everywhere. It made our jobs simpler, true. But at what cost?


Personal Life on Social Media

As a Gen Z, my waking hours used to revolve on social media. Right after opening my eyes in the morning, I automatically check my Facebook or Twitter accounts to see if I missed anything. Next thing I know? I'm already uploading my breakfast meal on Instagram with an extensive amount of #EatYourBreakfast.

My social media accounts were always active, whatever I do, wherever I go, even whoever I am with, everything was there.

At first, it was fun. You get to share your experience with the world. You get to brag about your new shoes or your new dress, you're contented and happy for some time and then... Nothing.

I used to say that I post all those things for my own satisfaction but we all knew that it was a lie. I wanted validation. I wanted everyone to say that I'm doing well. I wanted to show that I'm contented with my life but in reality, I wasn't. Behind all the branded make-up and branded shoes, is an insecure little girl who craves affection.

I boosted my confidence with all the praise from the people who only mattered when my life was smooth. I relied on sweet words behind screens that weren't sincere. But when I have nothing else to offer, they're nowhere to be found.

Eventually, I lessened posting about my personal life in social media. Sometimes, I visit places and take pictures of it but, I keep the memories to myself instead. I realized that sharing my life with strangers wouldn't matter in the long run. As long as I was happy and I have a remembrance to myself that I can go back to and reminisce is more than enough.


Personal Opinion on Social Media

Nowadays, it's so easy to rant and address your concerns on social media. If you're unhappy, it's effortless to air it all out for everyone to see. But with this kind of freedom, in the midst of our tantrum, we forgot that there are other people involved who can be drastically affected. And most of the time, these issues are just results of miscommunications which escalated further than it is necessary.

Everyone seemed to be right, even if they're not. And when you call them out of their toxic behaviors, suddenly you're the villain.

Freedom of speech is a gift but we all seem to abuse it. There are more pressing issues to be tackled with but we fight over insignificant ones just to prove that we're right. And honestly? It's exhausting. It's draining.

It became too easy to pretend like you're righteous behind printed words. You get to see hypocrites in action at times like this.

Personally, I lessened my time airing my opinions on social media about issues and instead, wrote narratives about it. I wrote articles with an extensive amount of research in it and carefully crafted words that will only tackle the truth.

Just like what we say on stan Twitter, we need receipts.


Getting Away from Toxicity

I finished my Bachelor's Degree not just with a diploma, personal growth, and experience, but also with anxiety and depression. After graduating, everyone was asking themselves what to do next. And I just seem to follow the rest.

One night, while stressing out about finding a job and panicking on how the hell am I going to jump-start my career, I sat down, breathe and think.

I realized that I keep on comparing my progress to my batchmates. I wasn't moving forward because the path they decided to take is different from what I want to do. Also, relatives who only seem to remember me now that I graduated keeps on popping out.

After months of wallowing in self-pity, I decided to detoxify. And I started it by deactivating my social media accounts.

Friends who I've been through thick and thin will do anything to reach me but people who only befriended me because of what I can offer will never look for me, or make an effort to reach out. I went from befriending the whole batch, to having only a handful of real friends— and I don't regret anything.

I recognized that the source of my stress during the last couple of years are all attributed to other people's problems. Because I am an empath, I tend to acquire even the most insignificant feelings. I was an emotional dumpster. Just by hearing other people's tirade made me feel for them and it stresses me out thinking about it that I don't have anything to do with.

I also realized that face-to-face interactions are way better in establishing relationships than swiping left or right on Tinder.

After ghosting all my social media buddies, life has become calmer and simpler. I was also able to go back to writing and read my favorite books while on a break.

I only opened social media accounts that relate to my passion and nothing else. I also diligently use the block, mute and report functions for a cleaner and safer space.

Being aware of the latest trends will help in our development but these trends will be visible on other platforms. Just like what I said before, technology now made our lives easier. So if you want to get updated there are various ways to do so.

If living under a rock means having a healthy mental and emotional state then, I'll gladly live it. Your life doesn't have to be broadcasted to everyone to gain self-satisfaction. Public validation is only temporary, having a reason and purpose in life is more viable.

© 2020 Mich Camcam


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