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How to Get Curves Fast: Workout for Women

Updated on September 3, 2016
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Mark is a health and fitness advocate and has over 20 years experience in the field of fitness and exercise, nutrition, and well-being.

How to Get Curves Fast in All the Right Places

This article focuses on hitting the body parts that count the most and how to get curves fast in all the right places. You can find many exercise routines on how to get in shape, but finding the right one that focuses only on adding sexy curves in the right places can be a daunting task to say the least. With literally hundreds of workout plans and exercise variations for different body parts, it can become confusing and difficult to find the exercises right for you.

Depending on your goals and expectations, it may require some experimenting. However, don’t’ be discouraged. Patience and perseverance will pay off. They are the key to success and to your dream figure.

Learn how to get curves fast in all the right places.
Learn how to get curves fast in all the right places.

How to get Curves Fast with these Top Exercises

To make things easy for you and help you get started right away, we have comprised a list of top muscle groups and exercises that will make your body rock. These exercises will build and tone those muscle groups that make your figure look smokin’ hot and sexy. If you want to learn how to get curves fast, you’ll want to check out the following routines, and the tips and suggestions for these top 4 body parts.

#1 Poppin' Booty

Burn Baby Burn

First on the list for many women is butt development. Knowing which exercises will give you the best results is key. To build glute and hip strength, squats and hip thrusts are good exercises you should include in your exercise routines. Building stronger glutes will build bigger glutes. To build bigger glutes you must use heavy weights. Using body weight exercises will not do the trick. The more you can lift, the stronger you will get, and the bigger you will grow those glutes.


To build curves fast in your glutes, start off your routine with squats. If you are a beginner, I suggest using a smith machine over free standing barbell squats for added safety and control. If you do not have access to either machine or weighted barbell, you could use heavy dumbbells. Whichever option you decide on, make sure to keep you back straight, feet positioned shoulder width apart or greater, and to squat to at least parallel or lower to activate you butt muscles. Not going deep enough will mostly hit your leg muscles and not your glutes. Make sure your knees stay behind you toes at all times. Keep your head straight, and concentrate on your glutes during each rep.

Hip Thrust

The hip thrust is a variant of the back bridge ("Butt Bridge"). Hip thrusts are typically performed with body weight only, but for our purposes we will be adding weight in order to add some roundness to our glutes. You will need a barbell and weights and bench for this exercise. You will begin this exercise with your shoulders and back positioned on a bench, and your feet flat on the floor and hips down, close to the floor.

Take the barbell with your weight, and position it just below the pubic bone. It will remain in this position for the duration of the exercise. Start you rep by raising your hips, pushing with your buttocks, until you are in a horizontal position. Make sure to squeeze your buttocks at the top and hold for two seconds before you repeat this movement.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Very similar to a lunge exercise, although the name suggests otherwise, is the Bulgarian split squat. This gives you a tremendous stretch and pump, and when done with heavy weights will activate your glute muscles to grow like no other.

#2 Slim Toned Thighs

Make em' Scream!

Walking Lunges

Next on our workouts to get curves, is a nice pair of toned legs to go with that poppin’ booty. There are many exercises for thighs. Your thighs are divided into three parts: extensors, flexors and adductors. A great exercise that activates all three parts is the lunge exercise. There are many lunge variation, but the most popular would include the walking lunge, forward lunge, reverse lunge and side lunge. One of my favorites would be the walking lunge. For walking lunges, take two dumbbells in each hand, preferably using a weight that is heavy enough to complete 15-20 walking lunges without rest. Holding these weights down by your side, walk for a total of 15-20 steps, making wide strides and feeling the stretch. Try to make your opposite knee touch the floor, and do not let other knee exceed your toes. Take about a 30-45 second rest and repeat for a total of 4 to 5 sets. Since we are aiming to tone your thighs and not add size, you can do more sets if you so desire,or even increase your reps. This should generate a good pump and burn in your thighs and glutes. Use a staircase to add even more intensity.

Sumo Squats

Another great exercise for your adductors would be the Sumo squat. Using a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell, or even a smith machine if available, place your feet as wide apart a possible and lower yourself until your legs are at least parallel or lower to the floor. Perform 15-20 reps for at least 4 to 5 sets and work for that burn. Remember, higher reps and sets are better for toning your legs.

For best results, make sure to always keep proper form for all exercises. This will not only help you avoid injury, but will also give you the best results.

#3 Flat Tummy

For you Honey

There is a great adage that states “abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym”. To the most part this saying is true, since you will not see your abdominal muscles until you reach a certain body fat percentage. For women that is usually around 12 percent, and for men even lower. So my number one suggestion here is to first eat clean and healthy foods.

Next, hit your abs from all directions with exercises that will keep your abs tight and sexy. Some great ab exercises you can use are crunches on an exercise ball or on the floor. Good old fashion sit ups lying flat on the floor or on an incline bench. And if at all possible, leg raises on a chair or bench, or hanging from a bar or leg raising machine.

#4 Shoulders

Make your Spaghetti Straps Jealous

Women tend to wear more shoulder revealing apparel than do men. For this reason, adding shoulders to our list is a must. We are not aiming to build big bulky shoulders, but rather defined and rounded off shoulder you can be proud of. This can be accomplished by using semi-heavy weights and higher reps, and by performing exercises that hit all three shoulder heads: lateral (outer head), anterior (front), and posterior (rear).

Shoulder Presses

The military press is great for developing the front part of your deltoid muscles. These can be performed with the military press machine, or with dumbbells. With dumbbells positioned just above each shoulder, press each weight straight up above your head and repeat. Another great exercise for front shoulder development are dumbbell front raises.

Bent Over Dumbbell Raises

For rear deltoid development, bent over dumbbell raises are perfect. This exercise can be performed standing or seated. Holding dumbbells and bending forward to about a 45 degree, raise dumbbells back and feel the squeeze in your rear deltoid, lower again and repeat.

Side Lateral Raises

Side laterals are great for the outer shoulder and are similar to the bent over raises except that you are standing or sitting with your back straight. Raise the dumbbells parallel to your shoulders and back down to you sides and repeat. For our purposes, perform as many as is takes to feel a good burn. No need to count. Just keep you reps high and do your max. If you have access to cable machines, these can also be substituted for dumbbells or added to your routine.

Closing Statement

It may take some hard work, dedication, and persistence, but follow this routine 3 to 4 times per week and watch your body transform into the dream figure you so desire. Now that you know how to get curves fast, it's up to you to take action.

If you learned something new or enjoyed this article please share or give us a like. You may also be interested in the Best Butt Workouts for Women - Free Printable 12 Week Butt Workout Plan.

Thanks and stay fit and healthy.

© 2016 John Mark


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    • DreamerMeg profile image


      5 years ago from Northern Ireland

      As well as curves, the hip and booty exercises might well help prevent dormant butt syndrome as I recently heard it described, where hips become painful due to lack of glute training. Apparently, this can even happen in runners!


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