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How to Get In Shape With Kinect Fitness Games

Updated on June 23, 2011

What is Kinect?

If you happen to own an Xbox 360 and are into the gaming scene a bit more than casually then more than likely you will have heard at least something about the Kinect device. If you are wondering what all the fuss about it is, then you are most likely not familiar with the various claims for users as well as developers that Kinect fitness games can help you slim down a bit; these games are made for just that purpose. But before we get into that, maybe you should be introduced to what the Kinect is, at least in a nutshell. In short, it is not like your regular game controller in the sense that it is basically a sensor which captures the various movements of your body which is used to control a character in a Kinect based game. As you can probably see, the potential for non-stop movement and cardio exercising is there, and the fact that you perform it while playing a game makes it that much more fun and prevents it from seeming like a chore; because that is what exercise is for most people.

Can Kinect Fitness Games Whip me in Shape?

As mentioned previous, Kinect is like a little webcam relying on your movements in order to make your character move, and as such, it is no surprise (at least from a business standpoint) that a bunch of Kinect fitness games are bound to be released through the years. Even the Xbox Kinect fitness library is quite small now in comparison to other types of video games, there is no doubt that in the future the library will expand as more and more people buy the product, start moving, realize that it actually does help them to lose weight and will start to recommend it unto others, meaning there will be a greater and greater demand for this gem, especially considering the fact that many are fighting a battle against obesity which partially comes from sitting around too much and playing video games. If you are going to play video games, might as well lose a few pounds while you are at it.
The first Kinect title which was officially released is titled Zumba Fitness which is basically a dancing game in which you observe a dance instructor and then have to imitate his dance moves accompanied by the sound of Latin hip hop. It has easily become a favourite among Xbox users in general, because even though most people will not admit it, they do like to dance in some way or another. Another wonderful game which is sure to bring you back into shape, provided you display the adequate amount of dedication, is titled Form Fitness Developed. What it basically consists of is a checklist which is filled up with various exercises and workouts for you to perform. These are perfect if you are looking to put the exercises in your daily routine, not to mention it provides you with various nutrition tips which will allow you to keep your pounds off.


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