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How to Get Over the Heartburn Hump - Naturel GERD Cures and Remedies for Men

Updated on July 7, 2013
Sure, it looks good now. . .
Sure, it looks good now. . .
Acid Reflux, Heartburn, and GERD: a Quick Idea Overview
Women are known to suffer from acid reflux more commonly, but men have been found to experience greater amounts of damage caused by reflux, without ever realizing they are having any problems.
Many things can cause all 3 ailments listed above, but your main focus should almost always be on improving digestion.
Most medications for any of the 3 will get rid of your symptoms, but cause your digestive system to function poorly, leading to all sorts of illnesses, even more heartburn.
A healthy body and digestive system is the only way to really cure yourself of the problem forever, but there is a way to deal with symptoms without making the problem any worse.

Most people think of heartburn, acid reflux, and GERD as something that you get after eating a bunch of tacos, and it goes away the next day. While spicy tacos might trigger you to experience some very uncomfortable symptoms associated with acid reflux, you don't have to eat that one trigger food in order for your body to be going through the things that constitute "reflux" and "heartburn".

More importantly, even if you DON'T experience any symptoms at all after eating or at any point in your life, it is still possible that you are in fact having reflux and your esophagus is being damaged as a result of it, especially if you're a male.

A few years ago, a study that was conducted in Australia to learn more about how GERD and heartburn affected men and women differently made some interesting discoveries.

While it is known that there are more women who are currently taking GERD medication around the world than men, and it has been previously believed that they were more susceptible to the disease, it was found that men who reported little to no symptoms would actually possess higher levels of damage in their esophagus that is caused by caused by reflux. These men were damaged by acid reflux worse than women who had complained of acid reflux their whole lives, yet the men had no idea that anything was happening.

Nexium and a host of other drugs are prescribed for GERD - keep reading to learn why these medications are actually taking us all in the wrong direction!
Nexium and a host of other drugs are prescribed for GERD - keep reading to learn why these medications are actually taking us all in the wrong direction!

Who's Got it Worse? Men or Women?

In reality, the uncomfortable burn and indigestion associated with common acid reflux is not that big of a deal when you compare it to the long-term damage that acid reflux can cause to your esophagus, and at least you can discover the issue and work towards fixing it if the symptoms present themselves, so in a way men have got it a whole lot worse even though you'll find more women taking Prilosec, Nexium, and all of the other prescription drugs that are given out like hotcakes for GERD.

I'm strongly against all of these drugs. While they may have very different and catchy names, all of these drugs are proton pump inhibitors and actually make your acid reflux or GERD problems even worse over time. Unfortunately, taking these drugs puts you in the same sinking boat as the guys: you'll have no idea that there is a problem because your symptoms will be gone, but you'll be burning yourself alive inside.

In this sense, we're all equally screwed. Let's just call it a tie.

Acid reflux and heartburn can be a real monkey on your back. Maybe even a gorilla.
Acid reflux and heartburn can be a real monkey on your back. Maybe even a gorilla.
  • Acid reflux is NOT caused by having too much acid in the stomach.
  • Acid reflux is often times caused by a lack of acid, or an inability of the stomach to digest the foods you eat in a timely manner.

How or Why Does "GERD" Happen?

GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is really no different from your common acid reflux or even more commonly said "heartburn". It's (more or less) all the same thing, which is usually explained as a burning sensation in your chest, an acidic or nasty taste in your mouth, regurgitation, gagging, sometimes vomiting, gas, bad breath, and maybe a few others I've left out.

So why is this happening to you? As Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said well over 2,000 years ago, "All disease begins in the gut."

Your body relies on a very precise mixture of hydrochloric acid in the stomach to digest the things that you eat and drink. Most think that greasy and spicy foods are what causes your reflux, but in reality drinking a little bit too much water before a meal might dilute your stomach acids and leave you with a major case of heartburn later, and there are probably dozens of other little things that could have just as large of an impact, but let me back-track a little bit.

In the perfect world, after you eat something it would make its way to your stomach where it would be met by the ideal amount of hydrochloric acid to digest said meal and ship it off onto the next area of your digestive system very quickly.

In our world, the foods we eat spend too much time sitting in our stomachs because we can't digest them fast enough for one reason or another. Poor diet, lack of exercise, bad posture, the possible causes go on and on.

Since we are unable to digest fast enough, it causes gases to be created in your stomach that begin pushing acid and stomach contents upwards towards your esophagus and throat, eventually causing the dreaded heartburn.

It might be because you don't eat enough vegetables and fruits, or because you smoke or consume alcohol. It might even be because you drink too much water throughout the day, or not enough water.

The possible causes are many but, for the most part, irrelevant. If you can understand that the key to avoiding heartburn is to ensure proper digestion, then you should be able to understand that anything that lessens or dilutes your stomach acid is only going to make things worse. Eating greasy or spicy foods once in a while is alright, as long as you do what you need to do to keep your digestive system ready for it.

How, you ask? It's pretty easy.

Up Until Now, What Was Your Understanding of Acid Reflux?

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Is there a Way to Fix it?

Would you believe that drinking the most acidic stuff in the world is actually the trick to curing your acid reflux? Well, it probably is. Imagine you were Amish for a second. Now imagine you had acid reflux for a day, and then you started having it for every day after that.

If you ever wanted to be done with it, you'd have to figure out what was causing it for yourself, and maybe figure out what made it feel better if you're lucky. Fortunately for us, the Amish people have made hundreds, maybe thousands of natural cures for all sorts of ailments, and even though the acronym GERD hadn't been invented yet, they've still got a remedy to match it just the same.

What they did was take raw apple cider vinegar and mix in some ginger and garlic. I know it sounds like something you can make yourself, but I honestly don't see how you'd liquify garlic nor do I have any idea what amounts of each you should include, so I buy it. You can order this same remedy as a product called "Stops Acid Reflux" online. If you order a twin pack, those two bottles should last you about 6 months, and that costs about thirty bucks - pretty cheap if you think about it.

The makers of this product, Caleb Treeze Organic Farm, somehow got their hands on the recipe to this old Amish formula and started selling it. You can probably find it at your health store, you can also order online at

That's It? One Solution for Everyone?

There's a lot of stuff out there. Instead of getting into all the possibilities I would instead like to say that nothing will work for EVERYONE. What worked for one person, or even a million people, still might not work for someone else.

Acid reflux and all the symptoms that come with it have to be handled in the same way that you would handle frequent headaches. Try to figure out if anything in particular is causing them, get rid of that, and maintain a certain style of life in the future so as not to get any more headaches! Often times, improving blood circulation and oxidation by eating a ton of fruits and vegetables will keep you from ever getting another headache.

With heartburn, you simply have to do all you can to ensure your body is digesting foods to the best of its abilities. Whenever you start to feel heartburn or acid reflux, taking a dose of this vinegar, ginger, and garlic mixture will provide your stomach with just what it needs to correct itself.

The more you take it, the less likely you seem to need it, but don't go drinking the whole bottle in a day.

Using this Amish stuff, you'll be able to avoid any uncomfortable symptoms, and you might shave off a few pounds as well if you spend some time improving your diet and lifestyle on top of that. Just take a dose as soon as you feel the GERD and it'll be gone in a minute or so, sometimes a lot less.


Looking to the Future: Improving Things Further

You should be able to take care of any symptoms you were experiencing now, but you still need to learn how to improve your digestive system so that this doesn't pop up again in the future. Fruits and vegetables are absolutely essential for our health, and if you aren't eating plenty of both each and every day then you've definitely got some changes to do.

Try to eat some fruits in the morning or at night after dinner. Also consider preparing a side of vegetables with every meal - if you mix oregano with olive oil and some salt and stir fry your vegetables in that, it'll taste like you used butter!

Avocados are a great source of fiber and very healthy for your body. Beets are another super vegetable for your digestive system. Yogurts are also sometimes overlooked as just a snack, but the pro biotics and healthy bacteria found in yogurt are very good for your gut.

Please check the additional reading to the right for more information. If this article has helped you in any way please leave a comment below and let me know - I love that kind of stuff.


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    • PaulPd0 profile image

      PaulPd0 4 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      You can mix the Amish stuff I mentioned above into a small glass of water or juice and sip it slowly. This is the best way I've found to get the benefits while avoiding the strong taste. It still works almost instantly, the only problem with adding these ingredients naturally into your food is that the heat of the food and other ingredients may prevent it from being as effective, but eating more vegetables certainly won't hurt!!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Do you think that eating food that are mixed with ginger and garlic would help? Drinking raw ginger, garlic may taste spicy and harder to swallow. I have more acid reflux because of indigestion and I eat late breakfast