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How to Get Past that Boring Workout Plateau

Updated on March 26, 2010

High-Intensity Exercises to Burn the Fat

What happens when we reach a plateau in ab workouts? Sometimes people stick with it and continue, while others get bored and just give up. Actually, neither of these two choices are what you should do. What will get you through, up, and over that plateau is adding an advanced workout routine to reach your goal of those illusive six pack abs.

Which exercises will get you what you want, and how many repetitions will you need to do within your workouts? Knowing which exercises you need to do to target the specific area of your body that you want to work on without wasting time on routines can be troublesome.

Adding high-intensity exercises into your workout can be beneficial when you've reached a plateau in your training. People who have stuck with the routine of their workouts sometimes need an additional spark to get to the next level. Leveling out on a plateau is not uncommon, and most likely should be expected.

Some people want a high-level VERY intense workout once they reach advanced fitness levels. But, people who are not yet at an advanced level can still incorporate some of the high-intensity exercises, by sticking to basic formats, do fewer exercises that you have problems with, or choose an easier, similar exercise.

Ever wonder how military personnel keep going on their high-intense workouts? In addition to high-intensity workouts, they use full-body multi-joint movements often. Here's an example of exercises included in the military physical training routine. Keep in mind, this is a super-charged high level workout done one right after the other with just 10 seconds to rest between exercises. And, the program is repeated 3-5 times to get a killer whole-body workout.

Remember, the following workout uses bodyweight-only exercises. It is very intense and should only be attempted by people who are looking, or are ready, to enter into an advanced fitness level.

The exercise routine is as follows:

1. Body weight squats - 12 repetitions
2. Ply push ups - 10 repetitions
3. Walking lunges - up 6 steps and back 6 steps
4. Floor mountain climbers - done for 30 seconds
5. Lunge jumps - 6 repetitions to each side
6. Lying leg thrusts (abs) on floor - 12 repetitions
7. Squat jumps - 8 repetitions
8. Side plank hold - 30 seconds one side, 30 seconds opposite side

Rest for 2 minutes after completing the eight exercises. Ok, break over! Now get out there and do the workout another 3-4 times! God bless!

This power-charged workout should definitely get you up and over that plateau. If not, it's not likely anything else will.


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