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How to Get Rid of Fats after Pregnancy

Updated on October 2, 2013

Post Pregnancy Weight Control Problems.....

What else could be better than receiving the news of having a baby soon? Without a doubt, the moment of pregnancy confirmation is such a joyful one.  Compare with opposite sex, this is one of the instances only a woman has the ability to it.  During pregnancy, a woman has to sacrifice her own body to give way to the nutrients needed by her baby.  It cannot be avoided to increase fats and lose the pre-pregnancy body shape. 

            After giving birth, be it caesarian section or normal delivery, the feeling is incomparable.  But, after everything has settled down, the ugly sight of fat woman is left.  All the excess fats are scattered on your arms, bulging tummy, and flabby thighs. 

            Post pregnancy tummy will reduce its size for approximately until six weeks after delivery.  Actually, it is the uterus that shrinks its size, however, it does not return on its pre-pregnancy size. Unfortunately, bulging tummy caused by excess fats would not reduce its size until you work it out. 

            Basically, proper diet is important to get rid of those excess fats.  Mothers who are breastfeeding their child have to increase calorie intake to produce more milk for the babies.  For mothers who decided to bottle-feed, proper amount of food intake is recommended. 

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

The Ultimate Solution to Get Rid of Fats after Pregnancy

Now, proper exercises play major role in getting rid of excess fats.  Not all exercises is recommended for women after pregnancy because the body is on its transition period.  Likewise, simple exercises are recommended and here is how-to.

            For the bulging tummy, the abdominal exercises are very good.  It strengthens stomach muscles which are weakened by pregnancy.  It works out on midsection and firms it up.  Crunches and sit up are the usual form of abdominal exercises.  To make it more effective, use a slightly inclined bench press then lie down with head located on the lower part.  With hands resting on the upper body, follow proper breathing technique, then pull up yourself.  Exhale when at rest.  Do some side crunches as well.  Do this daily for several repetitions.  It targets both muscles on stomach and back. 

            For the pelvic area including the hips and the bum, the Kegel exercises are advised best.  It strengthens weakened muscles on this part.  To do a quick Kegel exercise, sit comfortably and as you inhale, tight the muscle on your pelvic, as tight as you can. Hold for 10 seconds, and then relax.  Do this for several set everyday even while you are sitting, standing, or resting.  Take note, it won’t be as effective if wrong muscle group are used. It should be the muscle group that you used when trying to stop urination. 

Moreover, an exercise that targets muscles from two different directions is called oblique exercises.  Hands are placed above, as if reaching for something, and then bend down.  Impact on the stomach area should be felt, and it signs proper execution.

Lastly, it is necessary to speed up metabolism through aerobics exercises.  With higher metabolic rate, the body will burn more fats.  Jogging and brisk walking are good for mothers who just recently gave birth. 

            These exercises seem to be so simple yet the results are faster.  Conversely, heavy exercises are not recommended.  It is important for them to have an active lifestyle to increase the metabolic rate.  Getting rid of bulging tummy and flabby arms and thighs requires lot of commitment and hard work. Accordingly, after pregnancy, women should strive to remove excess fats.

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