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Tips to Sleep better at Night

Updated on July 30, 2012

Here are some tips to sleep better at night. It essential to sleep well at night and wake up fully refreshed to face the challenges of the day ahead. Some people have insomnia and have trouble sleeping at night. In such cases it is very difficult to work the next day. Here are some important tips to sleep well at night.

Another sleeping tip is not to strain yourself by exercises or some other work at least four hours before going to bed. Be relaxed when you go to bed. Don’t have a confrontation with your spouse or anyone else. The brooding may keep you awake for long time and deprive you of sleep. Good sleeping habits have to be cultivated to get good sleep at night.

If you have trouble falling asleep, start to read a book that is difficult to read. If you start reading a hard to put down novel, it will be difficult to sleep.

Warm Milk

Warm milk just before going to bed can help you to sleep better. Milk contains an enzyme called tryptophan which can induce sleep.

Warm bath

You can take a warm bath as it elevates the body temperature and brings it down fast. This will help you to get to sleep fast. A warm glass of milk would also be of help. Soaking your feet in warm water has a soothing effect and helps to sleep better at night.


Wear comfortable loose clothing when you go to bed. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes. Don’t wear clothes that make you too chilly or warm.


Aromatherapy is also known to induce sleep. English lavender oil, lemon balm oil and chamomile oil are ideal for this purpose. Let the aroma be mild. You can mix it with the bath water or spray it on the pillow. Aromatherapy is a very good method to get good sleep at night.

Room temperature

The room should be cool and the temperature should be around 20°C. Soft music before going to bed may have a lullaby like effect and you may help you to get better sleep. Once you get to bed, silence is absolutely essential. Some people have the ability to sleep in a noisy environment. But some others wake at the slightest noise.

Bed and mattress

To get to sleep fast you should have a comfortable bed and mattress. Don’t allow any light to filter through in the bedroom. Total darkness is always conducive to good sleep.


Don’t think of any thing that happened during the day. Feel totally relaxed. Meditation before going to bed would certainly be of great help. Meditation will make you concentrate on a particular object or sound. You will be totally oblivious to every thing else, when you are meditating. All your joys, sorrows and problems will be forgotten. This will have a cascading effect and help to get you to sleep fast.

Make yourself comfortable in the bed and get to sleep fast in your favorite position. Slowly drift away to sleep. You will be fully refreshed and prepared to face the world, when you wake up in the morning after a good sleep at night.


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