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How to Give a Wonderful Reflex Foot Rub, Part Two: Chakra Points

Updated on July 3, 2014

In the event the above video does not load into your browser, there is a second choice to view it by playing the YouTube twin at the bottom of the article. Please let me know of any issues.

A Reflex Foot Rub, given with a high quality of attention, combines traditional reflexology with energy healing and loving foot massage.

This article and video are a continuation of How to Give a Wonderful Reflex Foot Rub: The Relaxers. Please see that hub for important information as it lays the foundation for this instruction.

After completing a certification course in foot reflexology, I have given foot reflexology sessions since 1999. In the first few years, I began to notice a correspondence between certain of the reflex points in the feet and the seven main energy centers (chakras) of the body.

When I applied stimulating acupressure to those particular points, my energy-sensitive clients told me they experienced 'openings' in their chakra centers and felt more energetically balanced and in harmony.

The following is a simple reflexology sequence applied to the chakra points that can be easily learned.

1. Begin with the seven relaxers demonstrated and described in the first Reflex hub. Bridge between the relaxers and the reflex points by giving 'Toe Circles.'

2. Hold the foot firmly and comfortably with one hand as shown. Start with the thumb of the other hand just above the top of the heel on the sole of the foot at its inside edge. Use the inching movement described below. Press the top corner of the thumb into the foot and inch up the foot to the ball. 'Climb' from the top of the heel to the base of the ball on the inside edge of the foot. Stop where the ball begins to rise. This inside edge along the length of the foot corresponds to the spine of the body.

The inching movement is something like the movement of an inchworm. The thumb bends at the first joint, pressing in, and slides upward at the same time. It may require some practice to do this smoothly. Slide back down the foot, keeping the thumb in contact with the foot, and make a few repetitions.

Now we begin the reflex points which correspond to the chakras. The chakras are energy centers in the human body which are interpreted and described in various ways. Each chakra corresponds also to a color vibration and to organs or glands. Other correspondences have been suggested between the chakras and stones, planets, moods and medical conditions.

Mindfulness towards the associated color, stone, and so on can raise the quality of attention given. For example, if the giver is energy-sensitive, visualization can be used to 'breathe in' the color while working on the chakra point.


3. To begin on the chakra points, press the corner of the thumb into the soft depression on the inside of the foot between the ankle and the heel about a half inch above the sole as demonstrated on the video. This is chakra pressure point one, the reproductive organs. Make smooth circular motions while applying pressure, clockwise and counter-clockwise (order is not important). The amount of pressure and number of repetitions will vary with each person and is learned by experience.

4. The second chakra point is on the adrenal reflex, on the inside edge of the foot directly across from the cuboid bone. Find the soft depression (the thumb will 'settle in' to it) and stimulate it as before.

5. The third chakra point is at the solar plexus, on the sole in the left-right center and tight against the bottom of the ball.

6. The fourth chakra point is on the heart, the ball of the foot. With the fingers holding the top of the foot, massage the ball with the thumb. Most recipients I have found like firm pressure. Adjust to their comfort.

7. The fifth chakra point is the thyroid. This is a curved line, following a 'trench' on the ball of the foot under the big toe. Use the inching movement of the thumb to stimulate this point, as shown in the video demonstration.

8. The sixth chakra point is the pituitary gland, a soft depression in the center of the bottom of the big toe.

9. The seventh chakra point is the pineal gland, on the corner of the big toe at the top and inside edge of the foot.

There are many more reflex points, of course, and some finishers which complete the session at the end. Those will be demonstrated in the next video hub.

Keep practicing the relaxers and chakra reflexes -- and happy rubbing, hubbers.


Foot provided by Kati Smith

Voice and hands by Gary R. Smith

Music by Runestone / Secrets of Avalon

Presented by Emanate Presence


The demonstration was recorded using a Logitech HD Pro Webcam. Post-production was done in Windows Movie Maker. For those who cannot view the top video due to browser issues, etc., the same video (posted on YouTube) is presented below.


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