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The Power of Passion

Updated on June 24, 2018
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Audrey's desire to help others understand human behavior led her to study psychology. Here, we learn ways to cope with hurtful words.


Describe Passion, Please

If I were to describe passion, I would say that passion is an entense feeling for an idea. However, Wikipedia does a much better job of describing passion:

  • Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something. Passion can range from eager interest in or admiration for an idea, proposal, or cause; to enthusiastic enjoyment of an interest or activity; to strong attraction, excitement, or emotion towards a person. It is particularly used in the context of romance or sexual desire, though it generally implies a deeper or more encompassing emotion than that implied by the term lust.
  • Passion and desire go hand in hand, especially as a motivation.
  • A hobby requires a certain level of passion in order to continue engaging in the hobby. Singers, athletes, dancers, artists, and many others describe their emotion for their hobby as a passion. Although this might be the emotion they're feeling, passion is serving as a motivation for them to continue their hobby.

How would you describe your own passion?

She Followed Her Passion to American Idol

Former vocal student, Kristin McNamara, studied with me, worked hard, became an American Idol contestant and made the top 3 finalist.
Former vocal student, Kristin McNamara, studied with me, worked hard, became an American Idol contestant and made the top 3 finalist. | Source

What Are You Passionate About?

We are all passionate about something. Are you a good cook and stand ready to try a new recipe? Without realizing it you may have a passion for cooking. You may be passionate about animals with a desire to stop puppy mills.Or perhaps you find yourself writing a story or how-to book and just can't seem to stop.

Maybe you find it perfectly natural to burst out into song, expressing deep emotion tied to every line. This is your passion emerging. Through this passion, you are able to move others emotionally.

There can be more than one area that we find excitement and purpose in our life. Passion comes in a variety of forms. Take a look at the following:

  • Maybe you simply smiled at everyone you passed today and sincerely felt a love for your fellow man. That's your passion. You love to be around people. Finding areas of service will fill your passion.
  • Perhaps you really make an effort to respect your body and you've lost a few pounds, exercise regularly and are living a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. This becomes your passion.
  • You recently discovered you love the art of painting and you're good at it.
  • Or you went the extra mile at work and did more than just put in your 8 hour day. Integrity is part of your make-up - it's your passion.
  • Your family is your entire world. You feel inner joy and satisfaction when your day is filled with activities which include your family.
  • The sound of the violin ignites your very being. Any opportunity to attend a concert featuring this beautiful instrument is a top priority. Mozart, Handle, Schubert, Brahms - each fills you with passion.

Performing With Passion

Find Your Passion - Be Unstoppable

Passion energizes your life. It gives you the fuel to keep going. It doesn't matter how many times you fail or if others say you cannot succeed. You just keep going and you don't stop until you succeed.

Nothing empowers you like your passion does. It's the first step to achievement. When you love what you do you have the golden key that opens the door for achievement.

One reason that passion is so important is that it's the foundation for desire. It's the link to excellence.

A golden moment can be claimed by anyone once their passion is revived. And we all have it. Every single one of us. It's easy to find. When we experience joy and excitement because we're good at a particular thing, this is our passion showing up.

To discover your passion, all you have to do is find something you like to do and then do it with all your heart and soul. I'm a professional pianist. I come alive when I'm at the piano. I have no problem revealing who I am as I

allow my fingers to explore each key. When I'm near a piano, it calls to me, and instantly I find myself giving birth to an endless list of piano favorites. I never experience fear or concern. I am unstoppable. I am home.

Our passion is almost magical. Other people are attracted to us because of it. We feel unstoppable when we use it. When we lose it, we experience a loss of creativity...a loss of inspiration.

We can become stagnate and unproductive. We are not living up to our potential. We may even experience feelings of low self-esteem and negativity. Sometimes we sink into a deep depression. We are not filling the need that often lies hidden within.

So, how do we find that special spark and what steps are necessary to find our passion?

The Importance of Passion

"Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate."

-Jon Bon Jovi

An Attitude Adjustment and Taking Responsibility

There have been a few times in my life when my attitude needed some serious adjusting. Usually, when I take time to stop, and analyze a situation that I'm not happy about, I find that it's my own negative senses that affect my attitude.

Our attitude is like our power drink. How's the quality of your life at this very moment? If it isn't all it could be, consider changing your attitude. It will change your life.

A positive attitude is attractive and contagious. It's the foundation for everything.

Living life brings obstacles. We all know about hurdles. These annoying interruptions can bring on pain, depression, negativity, failure, loneliness, and much more. However, along with these obstacles, there is a way to continue to progress and reach our goal. We can restore our passion.

Acceptance is a key element for progression. Accept what is and keep on going anyhow. Light up your own path and get through the dark days. Begin focusing on what you do have and not on what you don't have.

Focus on being grateful. Look around. Do you have a warm bed to sleep in? Be grateful you're not out on the street, sleeping on the cold ground. Be grateful you have a roof over your head to protect you from the elements. There is always something to be grate for.

You're breathing, you're alive. The same energy that travels through your mind, body, and spirit can revive your passion.

Reading Hub Page Articles Stirs my Passion

My first year on hubpages found me the happiest I have felt in a long time. I was knocking out hubs left and right. The support I received from my hub family provided me with inspiration and confidence. My passion was on fire. And I received a Hubnugget reward for one of my hubs.

But I noticed that every once in a while I lost the inspiration to write. I wasn't sure how to get my fire roaring again. I am known as unstoppable when I make up my mind to do something. And it's my passion for writing that fuels my writers engine.

So I decided to spend the next couple of days reading articles created by other hubpage writers and let me tell you it was just what I needed. As I scanned through hub after hub I began to come up with fresh ideas for writing. I began asking myself "What key element is responsible for my interest in certain articles?"

I found this answer. It's the passion and I could feel that passion as I read line after line in one hub followed by another. Soon the old motivation was back as strong as ever.I could feel the magic of my own passion stirring strong and powerful. The flame of writing returned. I was on fire.

The Key to Success is Passion

It isn't talent, but enthusiasm that builds the fire within to achieve success Everyone can have passion but not everyone discovers it. And what we come to accomplish here in life is based on what we want and how much we want it.

One way to live a fulfilling life is to follow your passion. To discover your passion, get focused. Love music? Take your music to the next level. If you have a million songs in you and want to compose, take a class in composition. That's a start. Learn piano to help you write your melody and chord progressions. If you plan to sing your own lyrics, it may be a good idea to see a vocal coach.

In other words...take action. Look for ways to put your passion to work.

The Greatness Within Us is to Give Freely

Give of yourself without any thought of expectations. Audrey Hunt
Give of yourself without any thought of expectations. Audrey Hunt | Source

Keeping Your Passion Alive

One of my favorite quotes by Emerson is " What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us."

This quote makes me feel as though I can accomplish anything. It's a powerful reminder that I'm not living up to my potential. My creative work, which nurtures my spirit with joy, and fills my wallet with green rewards, is sliding.

I have a passion for writing which is ignited by life's challenges. I'm also inspired by many of the articles I read here on hub pages. I wonder if we notice how we are being inspired, as we read one another's articles.

I also have a passion for playing the piano. Whenever I see a piano and it sit's alone just waiting to release its music, this beautiful instrument housing 88 keys, 52 white and 36 black, calls to me. No matter where I am I walk up to the piano, lift the keyboard cover, adjust the seat and sit down. I'm at home. I begin to play. My passion is released as I perform to the room. I play to the room. I share my repertoire of music. Classical to Country, I love it all. I take all requests and if that doesn't happen, I play to myself. My passion is alive and ready!

We are all deserving of moments of wonderful success. It' s passion that moves each of us to define and illuminate who we are. Take a moment every now and then to protect your dream. Take time to find your passion and be unstoppable...because that is exactly what you are.

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." -Albert Einstein

How would you rate your passion for writing?

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Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment below. I read every comment and look forward to hearing from you.

© 2011 Audrey Hunt


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