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How to Have Great Morning Sex

Updated on November 27, 2015

Good morning sex is so beneficial to you, that it can boost your immune system - lowering your risk for disease or illness and start your day out on a happy note - making you more productive.

In fact, Debby Herbenick, P.H.D says "Having sex in the morning releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel loving and bonded all day long,"

That being said, having bad morning sex can start your day off on the wrong side of the bed, and can actually stress you out. So if you are experiencing any issues creating that Great Morning sex you need and deserve, read on for some helpful tips.

Start Slow, Be Gentle

While hot and wild sex is definitely at the top of most enjoyable intimate activities, in the morning, it's just not as fun. You've just woken up, and still need to have energy to get through the rest of your day. And since morning sex is supposed to give you a boost, not zap your energy, the first thing to remember is:

Start Out Slow & Be Gentle

Start out with gentle caresses, sensual kisses and lots of smooth exploration of sensitive parts. This way, you'll be able to build up to that fond moment we love so much, but you won't miss out on the intimacy or zap your energy.

Then once you've warmed and woken up, make sure to be gentle. There's no need to conquer the mountain in the morning. Just enjoy being close to each other, and take you time helping each reach that point of ecstacy in a gentle, sensual and passionate way.

Set Your Alarm to "Music"

Instead of waking up to that blairing buzzer, why not set that alarm to play on one of your favorite radio station (preferably one with soft or romantic music). That way, you don't trigger your normal response when the alarm goes off - Stress.


The best way to have morning sex, is when you can take the time to enjoy every moment of it, without rushing. Sure there is some what of a heightened thrill when you have to beat the clock, but that's much more fun in the afternoon then in the morning.

If you can, try give yourself at least an hour before you really have to get up. Try setting your alarm a little earlier then you normally would.

If you can't set aside that extra time, at least make sure to keep some lubrication near by...

Dragon Breath

Seriously, even in the best of times, most morning breath can quickly become a mood killer, and rush one or both of you to finish up as quick as possible and get away from that dragon!

So be prepared and keep some breath-mints near your bed, so you can pop one in at a moments notice. Bonus - that breath-mint will not only help wake you up, but it makes a create addition to any oral activities....


Try experimenting with various intimate positions that you find interesting, adventurous and pleasurable. If your not sure what you want to try, there are tons of karma sutra's available to feed your carnal self the knowledge it desires. Take the time to check them out, and remember, you can try more than one move!

Not EVERY Morning

The last thing you want to do is make morning sex boring. So change things up and don't have sex every morning.

Lock the Door

Ah kids... we love them so much, don't we? Except of course, when they walk in on us in the middle of our passionate throws. If you have kids, make sure you lock your bedroom door. That way, if they have to interrupt you, at least you won't be scarred for life.

Tips for Men (no pun intended)

  • Don't rush it! Even if you're just going for a quickie, it's unfair for your woman if you skip past all the preliimenaries just to get to the finish line. Take the time to bring her up to your level of passion first, then enjoy the outcome together.
  • Don't be afraid to wake her up. If your gentle, you have at least a little bit of time before she has to get up (say, at least 30 minutes), you can bring her passion to an intensity that will make her smile all day long. Just make sure you focus on her needs first, and give her lots of gentle physical pleasure and ALL of your attention.

Tips for Women

  • Don't go right for his sweet spot. I know it's tempting to grab that throbbing member, which is oh so ready even before the rest of his body is, but if you want to enjoy the pleasures and health benefits of morning sex, your aim is for the Big prize - an Orgasm. By going right for his jewels, you'll make it difficult for him to wait for you to reach his level of passion.
  • Encourage him to pleasure you for a while before you get to the bump and grind. Put his hands where you want them, or whisper in his ear how much you'd love it if he.... (fill in the blank with your favorite form of intimate attention)


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