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How to Have Peace In Your Home

Updated on May 25, 2016

The Rules

Anyone who has read the Bible completely know what family life is, going to become, and where it will end. Things will never be the same as they were, and I don't know who would want family to return to its' old way to a degree. The thing that we must accomplish from this point on concerning the family is to try and structure the home life according to the way that GOD intended; To seek his counsel in everything that we do when it comes to indecision.

If the Lord is never consulted, we'll never get the answers that will work, from the one who know how our story was written and how it ends. Obtaining peace is the thing that everyone desires, especially in the home. Peace isn't always going to be a part of your home life, but it can occupy 70% or above of it. When the family unit function with one accord, it exudes into your work life, and your environment. When you learn how to obtain peace in the Home, the same process will work in all areas of your life.

The Three Keys

So, let's begin this journey. There are three key areas to apply in order to obtain the Godly peace within your home:

1. Control is defined as someone having power over, being in command, be in charge of, to organize, to run, or to manage. In today's society, people have established a certain amount of control in their job, home, and environment. We all have a need for recognition, praise, accomplishment, and satisfaction. If one, the other, or all of these emotional cravings aren't met, then problems start to set in and mask itself as some other issue that has been created by someone's issue. When we become born-again Christians, we acknowledge that the Lord Jesus Christ is in control of everything, or so that's the main goal: but a vast majority of us have a real problem with the issues of control. As I stated, we think we control things because we are programmed to accomplish these things on our own, so we fall into the trap or falsehood of thinking we're running the show.

2. Submission is to be obedient, compliant, to surrender, give in, or go along with. It, just like control, has been programmed into our minds as a thing that we shouldn't do because we would be taken advantage of, maybe manipulated into doing or becoming something or defeated. To submit to your feelings, temptations, anger, or situation is a daring, almost deadly concept to some people. Submission is the opposing force to control, and if you don't have control, then you have surrendered. In Society today, surrender, to most people is giving up, lacking hope or vision, but when you surrender yourself to the Lord, you can rest assure that you're in good and capable hands. You must look past what society makes you believe about submitting. I believe because a lack of surrender or submission to one another, or the ability to accept that you where wrong, or simply apologizing, is the root to many arguments, fights, dissensions, and murders.

3. Love is to adore, worship, care for, be in love with, be devoted to, and to be fond of. Just to define a few. Love is one word I believe to be one of the most misused words, and most misused and powerful emotions, after friend, in Society. The meaning or connotation connected with love has been severely skewed. As with anything else, it's the one emotion that has the ability to provoke the darker side. When you love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul, you have the capability to love everyone. Through this love of Christ, it should flow through you to every aspect of life and it should be reflected in your attitude, composure, action, speech, and your relationships.

Since the word Love has been so abused and misused, people have unknowingly associated some feelings, actions, and worldly beliefs with this emotion, which in fact is an action. Some have mistaken anger, abuse, unfaithfulness, and possessiveness for love. There are even some people in deep bondage because of love. Through the amazing power of Love, one can accomplish anything everything, and all things.

What's Your Role?

As a husband, wife, father or mother, it all begins with us. We must establish Godly principles before we create a home. Actually, it should be set up while we're in the courting stages like, no milk before the cow is bought, are you both equally yoked; Meaning is GOD and the pursuit of his knowledge, wisdom and guidance the top priority? Do you both attend and view church as an important aspect in your life, have you both established the roles each must assume once you two become one and do you fully understand the importance of these roles that will set the precedence as to whether you have a workable household?

KJV GEN 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh.

We must accept, cherish, appreciate, and dedicate ourselves to the roles God has given us to perform, and when we follow these set of roles as they were predestined, it's like adding grease to the squeaky wheel, everything flows and rolls much more easier. Since people became relaxed with God's principle, men have to be re-taught how to be responsible, loving, kind, and strong God fearing men. Women also have to be re-educated and reformed of their duties, because women were forced to assume as much of both roles as was reasonable due to either divorce or absentee fathers. This redefining of roles is a scary, frightening thing to even contemplate, but it has happened, and its' outside of the boundaries that were predestined. We have been programmed so deeply, intricately, and subtly, that once we start to uncover our reformation, we may find it lives a little deeper inside of us than we could have imagined.

In today's Society, men are very comfortable allowing a women to take care of them, and there are more women willing to accommodate them. Society has created an unstable, insecure feeling among mainstream men and women when they allow one partner to become irresponsible in the role they were given and enforce in the home.



This aspect adds another piece to the puzzle. Once you become parents, we should establish boundaries for our home and children from a very early point in a child's growth and development. As parents, we must teach our children from the time they're born, how to conduct themselves, and how things are going to be run in that household. Now I know you're probably thinking, "How can you teach a child from birth how things are to be conducted?" This is how, follow what other more experienced mothers suggest; Like when baby is finished eating, burped, and diapered, put baby in his or her sleeping area. This teaches baby to sleep on their own without being held, or with minimal rocking. You can cuddle and play with baby when baby is awake. This starts baby on a pattern; They're getting use to or trained to caregiver's standard of how things are going to be completed.

As parents in the home, we must develop control from the beginning, and as a child proceeds to grow in age and maturity, we must adhere to what the Bible teaches us about our conduct within the home by knowing when to submit, to whom, who to love, and who we should obey. We have to teach and demand that children take responsibility for their words, decisions, and actions; And yes this does start at a very young age, and I believe is one of the most important things we must teach our children. Whenever people refuse to take responsibility for their words, actions, deeds, and thoughts, they develop a tendency to blame everyone and everything for their failed life, relationships, attitude, lack of self-confidence, and lack of success.

Prayer and Supplication

We must remember first to take all things to the throne in prayer and supplication, Next, remind those who reside within your household, who's in control of that household. That there are limits and boundaries to be adhered to and what the repercussions are if those limits and boundaries are broken. Please hear me on this point, if the boundaries of that minimal control is lost, you will forever regret it. The discipline must fit the age, behavior, and the deed. It is for their protection, development, and knowledge. Some tend to think a swat to a child's behind is abusive, but I have to state, if you don't lay down the laws to your child, your child won't obey God's laws, your laws, and certainly not the governmental laws. If there's no respect for repercussions and consequences to bad behavior, then you basically have a society of animal acting, and immoral people,

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The Point

The overall point to peace in the home is to acknowledge that each person in that household have a GOD given purpose, right and reason to live. Unconditional love is a major factor that must not exclude the use of discipline. Respecting and valuing the time we have with each other, and most importantly, praising the Lord together. Everyone must be willing to adhere to the roles each has been assigned. Just like a puzzle, every piece must fit perfectly to create a perfect, sharp picture and if we are not careful, the edges may get a little shoddy, crumpled, or bent out of shape, producing a puzzle that has no character.


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