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How to Have a Good Night Sleep

Updated on January 6, 2020
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A healthy body and mind requires a better sleeping habit. According to studies, people who sleep less than at least 7 hours, tends to hav

Things to do for a better sleeping habit

A healthy body and mind requires a better sleeping habit.

According to studies, people who sleep less than at least 7 hours, tends to have more risks of developing heart diseases, obesity and type2 diabetes.

Some becomes totally reliable on pills in order to have the perfect sleep at night. But that’s even more dangerous. Of course, if your doctor recommends you pills based on your health condition, you must follow your doctor.

Other than that, trying to fall asleep naturally with the help of a few healthy tricks can be your best life-long decision.

So, let’s discuss some healthy habit for a better sleep or, “how to sleep better” tips!

The list starts with:

1. Exercise

You can’t deny it! Period!

No matter what your age, gender or health condition is, exercise can never do any bad to you. Based on your capability, try to complete a routine exercise before at least 3/4 hours of bed time.

It is proven that regular exercise helps people to sleep better at night.

2. Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine consumption, such as coffee or tea, can give you trouble at night.

Caffeine is a compound that helps our brain cells to stay awake and focused. That’s why the experts say, if you want to take coffee or tea, have them in the morning, not after noon.

3. Early dinner

Experts suggest on having dinner at least 2 hours before bed time.

When we finish our dinner just before bed, it creates digestive problems normally. So, having an early dinner with light a meal is one of the key components of better sleep.

4. Maintaining a sleep-cycle

Trying to sleep and wake at a consistent time is a habit that can be fruitful in the long run.

Making the habit of sleeping and waking up at a certain time may reduce your need of an alarm clock.

5. Alcohol

Avoiding alcohol is the best option for anything.

But even if you do take a sip, don’t do it just before bed. Because, once the alcoholic effects wear off at the middle of the night, it will become much tougher to fall asleep again.

A glass of warm milk is the perfect option if you want to sip on something.

6. Tobacco

Tobacco creates the same effect as caffeine, only with some worse health conditions.

The nicotine of tobacco works as a stimulants that keeps you up and makes the nights much harder for you.

7. Shower

According to studies taking shower one or two hours before bed time can improve the quality of your sleeping routine. Shower calms the body temperature and makes you sleepy.

8. Sleep environment

Sleep environment means the room temperature, low light and hushing every noise.

Setting the room temperature according to your comfort, lowering the lights one hour before bed, finding a way of lowering the noise can sure work for you.

9. Naps

I guess we all need little rests throughout the day due to tiredness of daily activities.

Taking short naps can be a good choice if the nap time is not long. Long naps can harm the sleep of night time. And if you have much trouble with falling asleep at night, avoiding naps during the day is probably the best option.

10. Avoid blue lights

Experts say that we should limit our blue light usages, such as TV, phones, laptops etc, after noon.

The blue light of these screens trick our brain into thinking that it’s still day time and the brain cells refuse to take a rest.

So, limiting screen time in the evening and putting the phone far away from bed, even to the another room if possible, is the best thing to do for a good night sleep.

11. Keep the pets away

We love our pets, I know. But our cats and dogs may not follow the day-night routine as we do for sleeping.

For example, my cat used to sleep all day and stayed awake at night. That’s their nature. And of course you can train them with the help of your vet. But putting them in your room or allowing them in your bed at night will surely hamper your night’s rest.

12. Meditation

I am not a meditation lover personally. But it helps for many out there.

Self meditation, little yoga poses etc can be good before bed time. But never take a heavy workout session just before going to bed. The after affect of the workout keep our energy level high and will create problems in sleeping.

Final thought:

We all know how important it is to give our body a good rest in order to function properly. As a mother and a student, I know how important my sleep is.

People who have medical issues like insomnia, must follow the doctor’s instruction.

But in most cases of troubled sleeping habit, these good and effective habits can do wonders for anyone.

You can comment below and share this article to help anyone out there suffering from such troubles.

Let “Fitness” be our goal and “Health” our main priority.

Thank you for reading.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jannat Hossain


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