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How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Updated on February 13, 2015

Changes of Pregnancy

Healthy First Pregnancy

Well as the title suggests the first pregnancy is most exciting, wonderful and confusing time of a woman’s life, it’s because they are excited about having a baby but confused about the changes (physical, mental and hormonal) going on with them especially in the case of first pregnancy. It’s just the case that they have never experienced this situation and feelings. For many women it can be the best period of your life.

What to Expect During Pregnancy

Since it is your first pregnancy, you may be unaware of the phases during your pregnancy and every little emotional and physical change. Therefore, it would be best for you to get all the information on everything about being pregnant, knowing that this will help you to deal with having a healthy pregnancy.

The whole period of pregnancy last of 9 months usually, (actually it is more like 10 months), which breaks into three trimesters. You will feel the different progress and changes during each phase.

Health and Pregnancy Products

The Three Trimesters

First Trimester: During this phase, you may not even realize that you are pregnant at the beginning, but you will start feeling less energetic, morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, and soreness in your breast and the size will change. Morning sickness occurs due to the rapid change in your hormonal level produced by the fetus. These can cause food cravings, which are well known as mood swings. It is on peak during first trimester but will become less frequent in next phase. Your body tries to adjust with the new fetus developing inside you. You should carefully monitor your health and your baby developing inside to have a healthy pregnancy. You should also start doing a lightweight workout, or you can join a pregnancy yoga class. Try to walk for 10 to 30 minutes every day. It will keep your body fit.

Second Trimester: During this phase, your body will go through changes that are even more dramatic, so if is your first pregnancy, you are better to prepare yourself. You can experience Braxton Hicks Contractions during this phase, which is most common in some healthy pregnancies. Take some rest and you will be okay, you may also feel your baby moving inside of your belly, such times are very wonderful and you will enjoy it. When it reaches to the 20-22 week period, your belly may start growing downwards to your naval and it will keep growing afterwards, even your breast will start producing the colostrum during this time of pregnancy. Your body may develop hemorrhoids or varicose veins. Even your skin may change. If you had clear skin before, you may start to see pimples or your skin may become more oily or dry. However, do not worry its common during a healthy pregnancy it is your first pregnancy so it might feel little uncomfortable. After childbirth, your body should go back to the way it was before.

Third trimester: Its final stage of the pregnancy period, your body will become even more uncomfortable. You will have more frequent lower back pain than before; your breast will feel heavy and loaded because it is getting ready for feeding the baby. You may experience leg cramps, urination will become more and more frequent and you may experience some incontinence. You should be able to know when labor contractions last longer and comes very frequently with high intensity. This is the time you should have someone drive you to nearest hospital.

Remember Your Pregnancy Made Be Different

This information may be sufficient to know about the healthy pregnancy cycle even if it is your first pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different. Some women do not experience morning sickness, back pain or many of the other elements that others do. Some may experience more symptoms with pregnancy. With my own pregnancy, I had morning sickness that lasted beyond morning and went into the nighttime for the first six months. I had migraine headaches nearly every day throughout the pregnancy and even after. Numbness in my hands and feet and lots of stress with working 50 to 60 hours a week. Nevertheless, that was my pregnancy and you should be optimistic to expect the best out of your own experience.


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