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How to Help Arthritis or Back Pain and Muscle Aches

Updated on February 8, 2010

True Help For Body Aches and Pain!

If you suffer from arthritis, back pain, pinched nerves, pulled muscles, or muscle aches and pain, I have a product you need to try! It works great for both my husband and myself, and I wish I had found out about it sooner.

It is a product called BiofreezeĀ© and it is a gel type liquid that you apply topically, like any other muscle rub. I and my husband both have knee problems and back problems, and our doctor has a physical therapist that works with her. She gave us a bottle of the BiofreezeĀ© to try, and it is really good, much better and longer lasting than the other muscle rubs, plus the odor goes away after just a few minutes!

You know that menthol smell that other rubs have? Well, this starts out like that when first applied and rubbed in, but then both the gel and the smell disappear. Plus, the great part about it the fact that not only does it work better than any others I have tried, but it lasts a lot longer! I have a lot of lower back pain also, and it is fantastic for that.

It feels cold when first applied, then warms up really nicely, and then starts to feel cool again. By that time, the medicinal smell is gone, and being a gel, it doesn't get on your clothing and you can easily wash it off of your hands.

I haven't seen it anywhere in the drug stores or supermarkets, but I do have a place you can find it, so I have some listings here for it, should you be wish to try it. It is relatively inexpensive, and a little goes a long way. I sincerely hope that it does as much for you as it does for me. It literally works for hours when I use it, and brings me a great deal of relief.


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