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How to Help Relieve the Effects of Stress

Updated on April 17, 2012

Stress is something we all encounter. We experience good stress and bad stress every day. Too much stress can cause serious health issues if we don't take time to relax and alleviate some of the bad stress we experience.

Sometimes we associate health issues we encounter with other factors or causes, but overlook stress as a catalyst. These may include headaches, fatigue, stomach pain, neck pain, anxiety, depression, muscle aches, back aches, and more. Of course, stress may not be the only cause of these symptoms, but if they are, take time to relax.

How do you unwind?

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Ways to De-Stress or Unwind

Taking time to relax is key to helping manage stress. If we are always on the go, we will continue to be wound up and eventually snap. Below are some great ways to help relax and alleviate the effects of stress. One of my favorite is to curl up with a book and sit back to relax in my bean bag chair. Here are some others:

  • Get out and exercise - go for a jog, enjoy a nice relaxing swim, take a bike ride. Do something that will help you get out and enjoy some solitary time.
  • Take a nap - napping is a great way to relax. Take a quick power nap to get away from the stresses of the day. This is another activity I love to do in my bean bag chair.
  • Read - reading helps to relax the mind and relieve tension.
  • Do a crossword or some other puzzle - I enjoy doing crosswords. It gives me a quick, easy way to relax and recoup.
  • Go for a walk - Grab the leash and take the dog out for a nice leisurely stroll. Enjoy the outdoors.

There are lots of other ways to unwind. Find one that you enjoy and that helps you relieve stress. Whatever it is, take time to relax and help maintain good health and wellness by lowering your stress levels.


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    • clintonb profile image

      clintonb 6 years ago from Adelaide, Australia

      Sleeping is the best way to unwind!