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How to Keep Cool, Comfortable, and Safe in the Summer Heat

Updated on June 17, 2008

The summer sun often brings a whole lot of fun, but there are times when it makes us miserable, hot, sticky, tired, and even sick. With that in mind, it is a good idea to work at staying cool while having fun and while living our everyday lives.

Water, Water, Water

One of the most important factors is to drink lots of water. This is important all the time, but especially in the summer. Water will help prevent heat illnesses and stokes. You can encourage your kids to drink more water by adding a splash of lime or lemon juice. Both are healthy, low calorie, and will not disrupt the water.

Stay Cool Outside

  • Whenver possible, have your fun in the shade. Shade can make a huge difference to the temperature, whether under a tree, an umbrella, or gazeboo.

  • Make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen. If you burn you will feel hotter.
  • Play in the hose, sprinkler, with water toys, in the pool, or at the lake for some great outdoor times that are also cool and relaxing.

  • Make sure you drink plenty of water.

Stay Cool Inside

  • Use air conditioning when you can.

  • When air conditioning is either too expensive or not available then open the windows and doors at night. Suck in the cooler air during this time. In the morning close them back up.

  • Never turn the air on and off, this is really more expensive then leaving it on because it has to cool everything in the room instead of just maintaining the cool.
  • Even with the air on fans can help to move the cool air around and keep it cooler and more comfortable. With it off, fans can be a huge help.

Shower Time

Many people recommend a cold shower or bath (this is the kind that I like). However, a hot shower can also help you feel cooler. It raises your temperature and then you cool down as you get out. Also getting dressed while slightly damp can make you feel cooler as well.

Get Cooler

Sometimes no matter what you do, you end up feeling hot. There are plenty of things you can do to cool down.

  • Eat cool foods such as fruit, yogurt, smoothies, slushies, and popcicles.

  • Use a cool wet rag to wipe yourself down.

  • Pour water over your head, your damp shirt will help keep you cool.

  • Take a shower or bath.

  • Wear loose fitting clothing.


Eating foods with lots of water is always good on hot days. Enjoy water melon and other fruits. On the other hand, skip out on the salts which can make you more dehydrated. It is also a good idea to skip the alcoholic drink even though many are seen as thirst quencers and coolers. They work on dehydrating the body, which can be bad.

If he or she is young enough to get away with it, less is really best!
If he or she is young enough to get away with it, less is really best!

Cool Kids In Summer

  • Let 'em run around in less. After all, if you could get away with it, you would be!

  • Make popsicles and munch on them. You can do this easily from juice.

  • Freeze fruits such as watermelon, honey due, musk melon, and berries for a super cold treat. You can also use them as ice cubes in juice or lemonade.

  • No pool? Let them get dressed in their suits and throw them in the tub with some cool water and the water toys!
  • Make sure your kids are getting plenty of water.

Icey Cold Beads

Help your kids cool down with this fun project. Take colorful straws and cut them into pieces that fit snuggly into your ice cube tray. Then fill the ice cube tray half way with water. Freeze it. When it is frozen top each cube with the section of straw and then fill the ice cube tray with water. Freeze again. When you take the ice cubes out they will have the straw in the middle. You can then string them for a fun chilly necklace that is sure to cool your kids down!

Just a Few More...

  • Keep your lotion in the fridge and use it for a cooling spell.
  • Don't work too long in the hot summer sun. Take lots of breaks for cool drinks and even a dip in the pool.
  • Try a wide range of cooling drinks such as cold tea, lemonade, juice, and lots of water (have I said that before?).

Often times keeping cool is about finding out what is best for you. Find those things that work and stick with it! It will help make your summer much better!

Keeping cool and comfortable is important, but keeping safe is even more important. Make sure you stay hydrated (can't say it enough). There are a wide range of keeping cool options and you can have fun working for a comfortable style in the warmth of the summer.


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  • profile image

    Sarah - air conditioner contractor 

    7 years ago

    Great tips! It is a common misconception that people think turning the a/c off will save them money. You were right when you said to keep it on. The only time I advise you turn it off is if you are going away on a long trip. Even then, I still keep mine on (just turned up to a warmer temperature, like 85).

  • mulder profile image


    10 years ago from Warnbro Western Australia

    very nice hub thanks for the advice its gets really hot where I live to .


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