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How to Keep a Complete Relationship Despite Infertility

Updated on August 4, 2020
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Chardie Cat is an author and a blogger. He is a motivational writer who also loves to discuss about life, family, health, and technology.

Can you maintain a healthy and happy relationship even without a child?


A post by the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that subfertility and infertility have affected a significant fraction of the human race. WHO has estimated over 10% of women are inflicted by the condition. And its overall burden is very remarkable, probably underrated, and has not shown any reduction over the last 20 years. Though studies and the growing fertility treatments give hope to couples who have stayed together for several years in their marriage. But to some, this could be a great risk for their relationship while still trying to have children.

In this post, I would like to share some tips on how a childless couple can still strengthen their relationship and enjoy their bond despite subfertility or infertility.

What is infertility and how does it affect one’s marriage?


Infertility is considered a disease by many of the largest and known medical and health organizations in the world, which is said to be the result of the abnormal functioning of both male or female reproductive systems. This condition is associated with numerous factors. Based on substantial studies and research by the experts, infertility creates remarkable physiological, emotional and psychological effects on both sexes who are completely suffering from this condition.

Who doesn’t want a child?


Many people really want to get married not merely because they are in love and are happy with each other. Most of them marry because they need to experience the indefinable happiness of parenthood. But when their desire to have a child is stifled by infertility, they are most susceptible to feeling broken, which can lead to doing other devastating measures and eventually leaving their marriage unprotected and less secured.

Personally, I believe in children empowering parents and boosting marital well-being. In my point of view, without any children or being completely incapacitated to have one should not be considered by the couples as the sole reason to maintain and protect their marriage and be happy together. There are more than a thousand and one reasons they can find to relish the sacrament of matrimony, the strength of companionship and the inexhaustible wonders and surprises of love. The following are only a few ideas on how to keep a beautiful marriage working and always exciting.



You don’t have to feel shattered if, after all the fertility treatments you tried, you still failed. Legal adoption can save you from the wreckage. Through adoption, you can become a true parent to a child and totally embrace the jubilation of becoming parents. Make up your mind, think and talk about it and prepare yourselves emotionally. And when you have finally made your decision, you will be delighted to outline your child’s future. The gift of life is not delivered by normal birth alone; another special mode is through adoption and it will certainly allow you to feel blessed as a couple.



The world is a gigantic hemisphere of lovely and arresting places waiting to be uncovered. You can create amazing memories as a couple by making a journey to many countries together. Celebrate life as you view spectacular sights, discover unique cultures, taste delicious cookeries, and experience the astonishment of falling in love with each other all over again.

Get involved


Don’t be miserable. You don’t have to blame someone or something about your infertility, instead, be thankful for each other’s love and presence. You can do many significant activities together like reaching out to the less fortunate children, getting involved with the activities of charitable organizations, participate in various outreach programs, and explore the beauty of sharing and caring by extending your union to those who need insights, inspiration and hope.

Do a project together


Have fun. Play games. Do interesting stuff together. Why not try gardening? DIY home remodeling projects are definitely a fun and exciting activity for couples, but make sure to consult a pro before implementing your plan. While giving yourselves a chance to do different projects together, you will eventually learn how to define your limitations and find the opportunity to connect and strengthen your marriage in a very unique way.

Celebrate love every day


Infertility should not hamper a couple in sharing both love and life together. There are so many reasons to celebrate the love and happiness of being married even if you have no children. Marriage is not only defined as having a family, but it is a celebration of true love as well. Both the husband and wife should feel complete with each other because they are in love with each other, and understand that having children is just a beautiful bonus.

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