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How to Live by Faith Despite the Crisis Going on Around Us

Updated on April 5, 2020
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Alex Mezulari has devoted two decades seeking peace of mind and discovered the power within for all his needs and achieve self realization

Are Your Beliefs During this Pandemic Leading you to Still Waters or Caught in the Undertow

At the moment while writing this introduction the world is experiencing the effects of the coronavirus and the world is living in fear of being infected. Direct contact with others is being advised as not being a good idea and being told to be 6 feet away from anyone in our immediate area. Panic is the vibe throughout the nation. Sanitizers, toilet paper, and anything that we can store are being purchased in a frenzy which is causing market aisles to be bare. Despite the fear, I feel unaffected by the prevailing consciousness of those who are not living spiritually and are sold into the illusion of the world. Walking with a confidence that is apparent to those around you due to possessing a connection with the higher self is like digging in your heels and declaring “I do not buy into the illusion of the world and fearless despite the uncertainty around me.” World-renowned motivational speaker Les Brown said, "if you can no longer be threatened by death, then what else is there?"

Billions are suffering anxiety due to living with an attachment to the material world around them which includes their own life. Once the alignment of mind, body, and spirit has been established the filtering of real from unreal is available for us to expose the media's agenda of creating content intended to scare and push people into being locked into a fear mindset and cause folks to freeze in their tracks. Being informed is sound however not being empowered with the ability to see beyond the surface and guard their mind can be damaging. Amidst the growing fear fueled by the media and government has afforded me the opportunity to refer to my own personal experiences with mass hysteria. Y2K was an event that caused the masses to brace for impact for something that never happened.

Are you Living Your Life in a Corner or Instead Embracing Life With the Possibility of it Ending

Amidst the growing fear fueled by the media and government has afforded me the opportunity to refer to my own personal experiences with mass hysteria. Y2K was an event that caused the masses to brace for impact for something that never happened. Not having any attachment to your life is a quality that self-realized people possess. I made sure to tell my significant other all the love I had for her and let her know if today was my last day that I loved her and thanked her for all the good times we shared. Also, I did the things that I wanted to do throughout the course of the day and devoted my free time dwelling on things I was grateful for. My introduction to self-development began with recovery which after 17 years came to an end through the diligence of solving my personal riddle which was spiritual in nature. When I understood my own equation and identify my personal strengths by diving into the work of others who had claimed to have found personal freedom from the bondage of self I simply listened with a relaxed belief I began to form my own philosophy on a foundation based on common threads I noticed with others life experience with leaving mediocrity and finding their own personal greatness.

Personally I feel that the Coronavirus is a virus gone viral. Yes, it does have the power to take the lives of individuals who are above the age of 70 and to those not fully healthy and causes flu-like symptoms that are several times worse than your average flu. I personally have not shopped to cover my needs in the event of a worldwide plague that potentially can possibly be the equivalence of the black plague that killed millions in Europe hundreds of years ago. Instead of worry, I gave thanks to God for what he gave through his grace and without reluctance offered my soul for the taking in the event of COVID 19 being a modern age plague that will kill many.

Are You Spiritually Fit to Endure or in Need of Going Back to the Drawing Board?

When you minimize your attachment to this life it allows you to move forward towards the next reality for your soul, In my opinion, this ability can only be attained through being self-realized and having the knowledge that impermanence of life is the only fact about it that cannot be disputed. So if death is the only thing that can take our lives and beg the question “what else is there?” When being honest with ourselves the only answer is nothing. Despite the populace clinging to the illusion of a self rooted in material reality, I will live my life doing what I love and admit that tomorrow has never been promised. Fear simply is our past memories being projected unto the present.

Adversity reveals a man to himself and my question to those crippled by fear is “what has it birthed or abominated in your life?” Are your beliefs empowering you or debilitating you? Perhaps it is times like these where God wants you to show your strengths or reveal your weaknesses. Time can only tell. Your actions will display your capability to accept that nothing lasts forever and whether you have spent your last days living your fears or living your dreams?


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