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How to Look Thinner Instantly

Updated on April 16, 2011

How can you look thinner instantly, have all your clothes fit properly, and project more confidence in yourself?

Want to look thinner without going to the gym?

Want to look slim without going on a diet?

Want to look thinner without losing weight?

Want to know how to make your body look thinner right now?

Here's the secret written in this article. These secret tricks create an illusion that you have lost weight or are thinner than you actually are.

In this article you will find five simple tricks which will amaze you at what a difference making a few minor changes in how you hold your body can make you look slimmer almost instantly!

How is your posture? Ever bothered about it? Do you know that your posture can make you look slim or fat.

The benefits of standing straight are well-known: balanced muscles make us feel tall and trim, pretty and well-put-together; and what's right aesthetically turns out to be right therapeutically too. With muscles holding our bones in good position, there's room for the healthy functioning of our internal organs; our nerves don't get pinched and irritated, and those aches and pains are practically alleviated.

It sounds so simple - "Stand up straight." and it is simple if we are aware of the basic ingredients that create body alignment. Once you can isolate (both intellectually and by sensation) the body regions that control alignment, once you are easily aware to how those regions hang together, then you'll be in charge of your posture in a relaxed and natural way. You'll find yourself constantly and casually straightening and relaxing cramped muscles as part of your spontaneous body movement.

After all, life offers us much harder tasks than standing. Most of you swim. Obviously you've already accomplished feats way beyond that first great human achievement standing up. It's the one that separates us from most of the animal kingdom. And being so basic and assumed a stance, it is the one we need to remind ourselves about, the one to perfect because all movements flow from it. Poor posture makes you look tired, bored, pained and just plain pudgy! Hardly the way to project all the poise, power, confidence you feel inside. There are five basic body regions that provide the components of proper alignment. If you organize yourself from the bottom up, you'll stand correctly, which is essential if any exercise is to be effective.

Look thinner instantly

Follow these quick steps to standing straight, tall, thin and ache-free and you will look thinner instantly.

Step 1: Place weight forward toward balls of feet.

The center to your body (your center of gravity) should be directly above the arches of your feet.

Step 2: Make legs softly straight.

Don't clamp your knees into a ramrod stiff position that will throw your weight backward and arch your back too much. Make sure your knees are relaxed, not locked, over your ankles.

Step 3: Line up pelvic girdle over knees.

Don't suck in your breath to keep your stomach in -it won't work. As soon as your mind wanders, which undoubtedly will be immediately, out goes the belly. Instead, know that there are three particular sets of muscles that hold your pelvic bones in place.

Step 4: Center rib cage directly over pelvic girdle.

Lift your arm straight up in as 180 degree angle to find the muscles of your chest. If your angle isn't perfectly straight, you need to lengthen your pectoral muscles. These are the muscles of the thorax, or chest. Run a fingertip up the front of your ribs to your collarbone and continue to the end of the shoulder. The pectoral ties from that point diagonally down like a fan across the chest to each rib. You know you need work on your pectorals if your shoulders are rounded, if you can’t close a back zipper easily or reach a book on a high shelf. When the pectoral muscles are stretched and strong, they lift our ribs and keep them erect and straight. Visualize them as a fan of rubber bands spreading across the chest. If the rubber bands are stretched, your shoulders are straight. If your muscles are tight and weak, the rubber bands stay short, and your shoulders are pulled forward. In that case, you may even have a hump of muscle (which is completely correctable) across the back of your neck.

Step 5: Hold chin level - not up, not down. Line up ear with shoulder.

Think of leveling your gaze and looking straight ahead. We are now talking about the cervical, or neck, region. The most important muscle here is the trapezius. It forms the back of the neck and upper shoulders, a classic place for tension to strike you. When the trapezius is stretched and strong, it holds your head up straight above your shoulders and trunk. When tense and weak, it forces your neck, to curve forward to not a graceful or comfortable position. Unlike our furry, four-footed friends who keep their noses to the ground to sniff we do best with our heads held high. Straighten your neck; feel a siring pulling up the top of your skull as your neck muscles lengthen up the back. Always think of a large, open space stretching up between your shoulder and ear. Let your neck hold your head up. Notice, please, that your chin should be down, and the back of your head in the same line as your upper back.

So if you want to look thinner before you go to party, then follow the above simple tips that will make your waistline look thinner and body look leaner.

That is the way to look thinner instantly.


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