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How to Lose Fat in Your Thighs

Updated on December 24, 2013

Want to Get Rid of Thigh Fat? You Must Know Where to Begin.

Often times we want to get rid of fat and often times in a specific place. I always hear from other people that you can't target a specific place, ie thighs, arms, back but I disagree. There is a way to get rid of thigh fat specifically. Sure you might lose a few pounds in the process of getting rid of thigh fat but that can never be a bad thing.

Just understand that when you are focused on getting rid of thigh fat, you must give all your attention to that specific area of the body. Don't worry about any other part of your body, just your thighs. That is why many people can never lose thigh fat because you focus on thigh, buttocks, back, and arm fat.

If your goal is to get rid of thigh fat, then begin with a healthy meal plan and focus on your thighs, only.


Losing Weight in Your Thighs

This is how to begin losing weight in your thighs:

First you must start adapting a healthy diet and that begins with

  • Cutting out as much sugar as you possibly can, not all sugar because your body still need sugar but you'll just start getting it from natural sources such as apples.
  • Next, you want to cut out all foods that are packaged in a bag or a box.
  • Also, you must stay away from yogurt and any diet soda pops, be aware that they simply make you gain weight.

I also advise you to buy green tea bags. You can find them at your local market.

Do you currently drink green tea?

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Why Use Green Tea Bags?

Why the hype of green tea, you might wonder. Well, green tea contains substances in it that offer several weight-loss promoting effects, that includes speeding up your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. You can even sweeten each cup of green tea with honey or Stevia; both are healthy and natural.

How to Use Green Tea Bags?

The first thing you are going to is brew one bag for 2-4 minutes and drink, at least, one cup per day (I suggest that you drink one cup once in the morning before you start your day). I advise you not to drink more than 3 cups of green tea per day. If you choose to drink 3 cups per day drink it once after every meal, every day.

So Far You Should Note That...

  • Keep all of your focus on only getting rid of your thigh fat.
  • Then start with a healthy meal plan.
  • Add green tea to your diet and now unto exercise

An innovative Way of Getting Rid of Thigh Fat Quickly!

Thighs are very tricky parts of the body to zero in on and get rid of the stubborn fat. Just keep in mind it can be done and with your dedication it will be done. You must know that although it may seem like your thigh fat will never go away, it will.

For faster results and a more innovative way of getting rid of thigh fat, I recommend a program called Slim Thigh Dream. Although I am not a fan of most diet programs, I must admit that I am a fan of this program. Even if you think it is impossible to get rid of your thunder thighs, this will help you get rid of your thigh fat in less than 8 weeks guaranteed.

I recommend that you follow the program and workout video until you are satisfied with your results.

So to get rid of your thigh fat...

So to get rid of that stubborn thigh fat, I suggest that you use all of these tips responsibly and without hesitation. Focus on your thighs and save the rest of your body for another time. You can even focus on your thighs three times per week, skipping every other day. For example,

  • workout on Monday
  • skip Tuesday
  • workout on Wednesday
  • skip Thursday, etc.

After you have chosen the days you would like to focus on getting rid of your thigh fat, then choose to focus on your other problem areas on the days in between. I guarantee you will see great results in little time.

You must begin a healthy diet excluding all packaged and box foods, removing as much sugar as possible, eliminating yogurt and diet pop sodas, and adding green tea to your diet. Remember to drink at least one cup of green tea and no more than 3 cups per day.

You need a workout that was designed to get rid of thigh fat, specifically and Thigh Gap Magic will guarantee results. So, I recommend that you give it a try.


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    • petalhappy profile image

      petalhappy 3 years ago

      the tip about not eating sugar/ going low carb is very accurate. might i add another tip - get a treadmill desk and walk at a slow - moderate pace at least 2 hrs per day while surfing the internet or watching television.

      Source - The books 'The Thigh Gap Hack" and "Bye Bye Thunder Thighs" provides lots of additional protocols -

    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 4 years ago from Miami Florida

      Thanks miss elite. Your tips are good help for the legs. I like your article.