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How to Lose Weight Without Any Effort

Updated on August 22, 2008

The following information won't tell you which diet to choose or how much work out will burn your calories. There are some facts that we don't know and they are changing our eating habits in a sub conscious way. Realizing those facts we don't know about may change our eating habits and help us lose weight without any effort. After all who wouldn't like to lose weight and feel better in front of mirror without any effort or forcing yourself into diets.

Size Does Matter

According to BBC's experiment; two groups of people were taken to a cinema and one group were given medium size pop-corns. The other group were give double size pop-corns. Both groups were unaware of the experiment and they just ate their pop-corn while enjoying movie. The group with double-sized pop-corns ate %45 more than other group.

So while choosing your snacks go with the small package. Bigger the Size, The More you Eat..

Keep a Track of Things You Eat

BBC makes an experiment with two groups of people and let them eat chicken as much as they want. In one table the chicken bones stays on a dish, in the other table the chicken bones are collected by waiters. The group that sees the bones and knows how much they eat are eating %10 less than the other group.

So if you can keep a track of the things you eat, You can eat less. Try to write down things you eat or think of how much you have eaten. Don't let your stomach trick your brain :)

Hunger vs. Water

There a common belief that drinking water before eating can make you feel full for some time. Is it the fact or the water just goes down from our stomach? BBC made an experiment and prepared a meal of vegetables and one glass of water. First group drank the water and then ate food. The second group was given the same meal but the water was mixed with food and served as soup. The second group didn't feel hunger for more than 60 minutes when compared with first group.

So drinking water with empty stomach doesn't help you much. Stomach lets the water pass. When you mix the water with the food the water stays longer in your stomach and you feel full for longer time.

No Fun While Eating

BBC made an experiment with a kid and let her eat pizza while watching TV. Another day they have given the same amount of pizza to the kid but the pizza was served at a dinner table and TV wasn't turned on. It turned out that she ate 3 slices less at the dinner table.

So when our brain is distracted by surrounding, it doesn't listen to the signals from our stomach. Eating your dinners in a quiet table will help you eat less for sure. After all 3 slices of pizza every day sums up to 118 pizzas a year. You would be looking lot better with 118 pizzas less for sure :)


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