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Tips on Healthy Weight Loss Before the Holidays: How to Lose Weight Fast?

Updated on November 9, 2010

How to lose weight without dieting? And by still eating pizza and pasta!

So, summer is over and your bikini or trunks are back in the closet. And you already packed on a few pounds once you stopped worrying about how you look on the beach. And before you know it, it is almost time for Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s! And you want to look good, whether it is for that trip to a warm beach or the holiday parties you will attend, you want to look good again in that cocktail dress or suit, or maybe again in your bikini or trunks again!

So how do you do it? How do you lose extra pounds? How do you lose weight fast? How do you succeed with weight loss and most importantly how do you do it without starving? Here is how:

To succeed in a short time you need a lot of motivation, so it will be in your favor if you can make your partner or some friends, even some family members join you!

For a short period of time you need to give up a few things; that would be anything made mostly from white flour; now you do not need to give up everything made with white flour. What you need to keep in mind is that white flour has a very bad effect on your blood sugar and will set you up for failure even if you end up consuming very little calories. What do I mean by this? I mean you can have pizza, as long as it is a couple of slices of thin crust, that has a thick layer of tomato sauce on top of it, some fresh mozzarella, and preferably lots of vegetables or fruit. Here is the trick; if you eat your pizza slices after eating a bowl of salad made with greens, or a bowl of low glycemic soup such as lentil soup, the flour from the pizza will not have any negative effect on your blood sugar. In fact, if you love pizza, being able to eat it in a diet will enable you to continue your program with more vigor.

The same goes for pasta, if you love carbs and pasta makes you more happy than many other things in life, go for it. However, first eat a salad, yes it will make you full, but more importantly it will lower the glycemic load of your entire meal. If salad is not for you, try some steamed or grilled veggies, fruits with little sugar such as strawberries, or again some soup or broth. Then have some pasta with some cheese on top. As long as you watch your calories, and keep your carbs under 80 grams per day you will definitely lose those extra pounds!

While calculating calories, keep in mind that in order to lose a pound you need to create a deficit of 3500 calories. So in order to lose 2 pounds, you need to create a deficit of 7000 calories. Losing 2 pounds a week is easier than you think. This is only 1000 calories a day. Think of it this way, an average person spends between 2000-2500 calories a day. If you cut down 500 calories in your food, that would mean you can have at least 1500 calories a day. You can have three meals with 400 calories each and then three snacks in between and after dinner 100 calories each. You would eat six times a day and never be hungry. You don’t even need to count the calories, just keep in mind that your meals need to be around 400, and your snacks need to be around 100. For short term success, it is best to keep your meals simple. If you are running to work for instance, instead of grabbing that bagel with your coffee, keep Atkins shakes in your fridge and grab one of them on your way out. This way you will keep the carbs away and have a healthy breakfast you don’t need to spend time for. I find that shakes are always more filling than bars, but those are also an option. Of course, it is best to cook while you can, but when you are in a hurry or too tired to prepare a meal, or a snack shakes are a great low carb, low calorie option. I personally prefer to buy them online on Amazon rather than the retail stores, that way I save a lot and I do not have to carry them home, plus there are many more different varieties on amazon!

Then you need to spend about 500 calories by moving around a bit more. If you go to the gym, great, but if you hate going to the gym, you can still lose some weight by keeping these in mind: an average person weighing 190 pounds will spend about 100 calories during a 15 minute brisk walk. So if you walk a little longer to your car or train before going to work, and coming back home, and take a half an hour lunch where you can walk instead of sitting down, you are already spending 400 more calories. If you watch an hour of television a day, simply pedaling while sitting at even a very low speed will easily let you spend around 100 calories in half an hour. In fact, even without cutting down your calories, just by pedaling while at work, or while watching television, that is while performing any activity that requires you to sit, you can pedal and watch the pounds melt away! This way, without feeling like you are on a diet, and without having to go to the gym you can very easily lose up to ten pounds in a month!


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    • profile image

      patty 7 years ago

      you just gave me a lot of hope!

    • profile image

      nelly 7 years ago

      this article made me feel it will be possible to lose the 15 pounds i packed on lately without much work. and not giving up my pizza!!!