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How to Lose Weight with Avocado

Updated on May 24, 2011

How Can Avocado Help Lose weight?

Avocado is widely praised by a lot of researchers and has been considered as the most nutritious fruit. This fruit is a good combination of protein from the meat and it also contains a wholesome fat and, of course, the combination of the vitamins and minerals of the fruits all pack in to one fruit- that is the humble avocado. There is nothing that we can discuss about but only to agree that there is nothing like avocado fruit.

Well, the flavorful taste that this fruit has is really very enticing to everybody’s taste bud. Have you ever said no to an avocado shake? I am sure you didn’t; not even once because I just can’t resist avocado shake. This is just an amazing fruit that has a lot of benefits for the body. It also has a lot of uses not only as a food but also for others things. This fruit is one of the best ingredients used for cosmetic. The avocado is very good in moisturizing the skin; it is also a good ingredient among cleansing creams for the skin, it is used as sunscreen, bath oil, and lipstick as well as giving moisture to the hair as a hair conditioner.

The Properties of Avocado That Help Lose Weight

As a weight control, usually there are many wrong misconceptions that the avocado fruit has. They thought that since the avocado contains fat it is very fattening fruit. However, this notion is simply just wrong because the fats that the avocado contains are the fat that is good for the health. The avocado fruit has a very good role in weight loss. It is said to be that fat that the avocado has is a monosaturated fat that helps in speeding the basal metabolic rate not like with the saturated fat. The basal metabolic rate refers to the resting metabolic rate. This means that it is the energy that we spend while we are resting in a neutral climate. Significantly, when we are resting it is good to know that our metabolism is still at work burning those calories and with the help of avocado the resting metabolism speeds up. That is a very nice revelation. So, this will conclude that avocado is not fattening but helps in losing weight.

Not only that the monosaturated fat that the avocado has is the only one that help speed up metabolism. The protein that the avocado has also helps in speeding up the metabolism. For this fact that protein helps builds new cells and repairs tissues it already burns energy thus increasing the metabolism. The muscle that the protein is building can spend so much energy and will literally burn the body fat.

The fat content of avocado (of course as what I have said it is a very wholesome fat) gives the quick fullness feeling when we eat the fruit. This helps us not to overeating other foods because we feel that we are already full and don’t need to eat more. Overeating is one of the cause of weight gain, overweight and obesity. This is the advantage that we have from avocado because it helps us to stop overeating and food cravings. The high content of fat in avocado also prevents us from eating too much food rich in sugar as well as the foods that is rich in saturated fats; these kinds of food will be cause of weight gain and slows metabolism.

We have spent so much on weight loss food and weight loss programs that most of the time proves that it is less effective. The nature’s way is also the best way but we need to discover what the best thing that can offer to us and one of this is the avocado without spending too much of your money.

Want to lose WEIGHT? Eat AVOCADOS

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  • chaitanyaviral profile image

    chaitanyaviral 4 years ago from India

    Yes, I Know that Avocado is good for health. Thanks for sharing your views.

  • Jephiter S Ondari profile image

    Ondari S Jephiter 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

    Many people think avocado are fattening food. Avocado is my favorite fruit and I take it with other foods like rice, Ugali, githeri and even meat. It is very delicious I tell you. And I am still very good with my weight. I have never been obese.

  • Chuck Bluestein profile image

    Chuck Bluestein 6 years ago from Morristown, AZ, USA

    I love eating avocados. But sometimes it is hard to get good ones since many have different problems. Once I bought a bunch of them on sale and they were all bad. I think that had been put in a freezer and frozen.