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How to Make Every Day a Good Day: The Key to Contentment

Updated on November 29, 2015

Don't Live for Excitement, Live For Contentment

We all seek happiness and excitement in our lives, but happiness and excitement are fleeting. Contentment, however, can be more permanent and satisfying. To be content means to be in a state of peaceful happiness. Most of our lives are not filled with vacations, parties, and other things of that nature. People's lives are filled with jobs, housework, and dealing with life issues. If you live only for the fun and exciting times, life can get tedious and downright depressing. Learning how to be content in all things can dramatically improve your quality of life.

Life is like a roller coaster, filled with highs and lows. People are not happy forever, nor do they usually stay sad forever. Picture yourself driving to work on a Monday morning, your spouse is out of town, and you have a family member dealing with a serious medical issue. You might not necessarily feel happy, but you can learn to feel content and have a joyful spirit. Joy can be found in the little things in life, and it is the little things that fill up most of our lives. People can be excited for things like vacations but those are really a very small part of life, and it is silly to always be living for the next adventure. Even the exciting moments can be built up so much in someone's mind, that the reality is a let down. For example, the trip to Disney World that you had been looking forward to for months, may in reality be filled with long boring lines, crying children, and miserable heat. This is why to feel content in life, you should learn to enjoy the little moments and seek the joy in them every day. Always remember to be grateful for what you do have. This will help allow you to feel more peace, contentment, and satisfaction.There are many different ways to go about living this way and the following are just some ways that can help you to find peace and joy every day.

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1. Good Conversations

Good conversations with strangers and friends can be a true blessing in life. People are often so busy with their own lives, that it's easy to ignore and not care about strangers. It's a wonderful feeling if someone you don't know actually goes out of their way to engage in a friendly conversation with you though. We should all take the time to initiate these conversations every once in a while. A little effort can go a long way in your life and the lives of others around you.

Good talks with friends can also turn a bad day around or make a good day better. Laughing with a friend is a balm to the soul. Just the feeling of knowing that someone cares about you can be such a comfort. Talking to someone who understands you and loves you no matter what is something that you should never take for granted.

2. Making a New Friend

True friendship is one of life's greatest joys. Meeting someone for the first time that you just seem to really click with might seem like a small thing, but it can change your entire life. Take a moment and try to remember some of the moments when you met some of your close friends and how that made you feel. Learn to enjoy other people and the new and interesting things that they can bring into your life, and you will feel all the richer for it.


3. Learn to Enjoy Your Job

Most people spend a lot of time at work so it is important to be content there, even if it's not your dream job. You might like your job or you might not, but try to think of at least one thing every day that you do like about it. Even if your reason is just that it pays the bills or it's a good stepping stone to something better, that is still something to be grateful for which will help you become more content in life.

4. Make a List of Things You are Thankful For

Make every day like Thanksgiving! It's easy to get swept away in the stress and bad things happening in life, but each morning when you wake up, think about all the things that you are grateful for that day. We often focus on what we don't have and forget all that we do, so it is important to remind yourself of how good you really have it. This is a huge help in allowing you to feel more content every day of the week.

5. Enjoy the Weather

This might seem a little silly, but the weather can have a huge impact on your mood. Whether it is sunny or raining, find a way to enjoy the day. If it is nice out, go for a run or walk, which will also help you feel healthier in your mind and body. If it is raining outside, curl up with a book or watch your favorite movie. Try to find the good in everything and always make the best of things!

6. Look at the Stars

Spend an evening outside in nature! Watch the sun set, look at the stars, and enjoy the beauty surrounding you. Warm up with someone you love in front of a cozy fire and unwind. Let the enormity of the universe around you remind you that your problems are not so big after all. It's also a great time for reflection, relaxation, and peace.


7. Enjoy a Good Dinner

Make a tasty dinner, and enjoy it around the kitchen table. Gather the people you love, without the distraction of the television, and talk about the day. Reconnect with each other over a delicious dinner and learn to savor it for the wonderful moment that it is!

8. Play With Your Pets

Spend time with your pets! When your dog runs to greet you or your cat snuggles up against you, take the time to love them and enjoy their love for you. Play a game of fetch and just let your worries go. There is nothing better than unconditional love!


9. Listen to Music

You can enjoy it on your way to work, while you clean your house, and workout. Music can completely transform your mood. Listen to it, soak it in, dance, sing, and just lose yourself in a good song for a few minutes. You will be glad you did.

10. Spend Time With Those You Love

Love is arguably one of the best things in life. Make sure to find a moment in your day to spend some quality time with those you love. Telling them every day that you love them and having them return that love is a gift that we often forget to enjoy. The feeling of total acceptance and support is an incredible thing, like no other. Having good people to share your life with can help make every day a good one, filled with joy and contentment, as long as we have the sense to always remember what we do have to be thankful for.


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