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Make Healthier Choices While Stressed

Updated on February 28, 2017

What is Causing Your Stress?

Many things can bring on bouts of stress below are just a couple to name a few.

1. Overworking

2. Relationship troubles

3. Swimming in a sea of debt

4. Worrying

5. Health problems

6. Deteriorating health or death of a loved one

8. Trying to do too many things at once


Make Healthier Choices While Stressed

It is important to make and maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are stressed. Stress is caused by putting your body through physical and/or emotional strain or tension. Going through a little bit of stress is perfectly fine, but too much can wreak a whole lot of havoc on your body.

I know sometimes when we are stressed out we tend to turn to bad choices because they are so easy to get access to, like alcohol, cigarettes or excessive amounts of junk-food but these choices can cause your body to experience even more stress.

Alcohol increases your insulin levels plus it can destroy your liver over time, cigarettes raise your blood pressure, make your heart race and so many other bad things. Eating too much can do a little bit of everything to your body including making you feel bad for overeating. Below are some healthier alternatives to turn to, that can nip those unhealthy habit forming things in the bud.

Water Over Beer

alcohol in moderation is fine but it should never be used to treat stress or depression. Drinking at times like these set our brains up for a total disaster. Your brain will start telling your body you need it to help cope, which in return will give you a nasty little habit.

Instead of alcohol drink water, water won't get you drunk but it will help rid your body of much unneeded toxins, releasing toxins are good for helping you maintain a healthy mind and body. Ridding your body of unneeded waste helps you think clearer and feel better.

Choose the Right Stick

Cigarettes are never good for you, they are not even good for anyone sitting in the same room with you. Cigarettes are full of of toxins and pollutants your body doesn't need. I use to be a smoker, so I am well aware of what smokers say about those nasty things being a type of relaxant.

The truth is cigarettes raise your blood pressure, so even though our brains may make us think we are relaxed, smoking is actually making our body's work harder which can cause more stress.

Instead of cigarettes, try a healthier stick, the carrot stick. Carrots are full of healthy, stress relieving, vitamins. The main nutrient in carrots that make them so good at fighting stress is beta-carotene.

Beta- Carotene helps build up a healthy immune system, helps to keep you calm and rids your body of excess water and toxins. Which makes the "carrot stick" a much healthier choice than the "cancer stick. "

Say No to Junk!

Junk food is so bad for your body, junk food is full of empty calories and loads of sugar. Turning to your favorite snack or so-called heartwarming carb-loaded treat every time you are stressed can lead you down a pretty unhealthy path.

Empty calories do nothing for your body but help you put on extra weight. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes and hormonal trouble. There is way too many healthy food choices to turn to these calorie infested, sugary choices.

Try fruits and vegetables instead, the calories you a get from these foods all help you function by giving your body much needed energy and nutrients. They help you fight stress by giving your brain the vitamins it needs to help cope with stress.


Walk it Out

Nothing helps clear the mind like fresh air. Whenever you feel your stress levels begin to rise, pull on a pair of running shoes and go outside. All that oxygen will help get your blood flowing which in return will help to lower your stress levels.The best thing about walking is that you can do it just about anywhere, all you need is a path.


I am not a "Doctor" , what worked for me may not work for you. In some extreme cases stress may be caused by a medical condition. So please, please consult your "Doctor" first before trying any of these methods.


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