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How to Make the Most of your Day?

Updated on December 14, 2016

Everyone is busy these days and amid all the things that go on throughout the day, it may become difficult sometimes to make time for healthy eating or exercising. However, if you want to, it is always possible to make the most out of every single day. Just follow these tips mentioned below:

Wake up an hour earlier

This definitely may not sound like a good idea to you - especially if you are not an early morning person. However, if you wake up a bit earlier and make the most of this one hour - your entire day can turn out to be really good. You can use this extra hour for a bit of run, do some meditation, make a healthy breakfast other than the regular ones you usually make.

Dress for success

A very common excuse of not doing exercise after your work is that you are not in your workout gear and that you have to come to home to get dressed for your workout. Well, you have a simple solution unless you are wondering - just carry the dress with you in office, along with the sneakers. Therefore, you will be ready for hitting the gym right after your workday is over.

How To Utilize Time & Make The Most of Your Day

Prepare your lunch and snacks ahead of time

On the weekends, prepare both your lunch and snack. You just have to keep it in your freezer or you can even put it inside your office freezer. Homemade food is obviously better for your health and when you carry the snack along with you, the chances of you munching over some unhealthy snack gets reduced anyway.

Move within your office

Spending the entire day sitting at your workstation is never a good idea for your health. Try to move your body as much as possible throughout the day. Instead of emailing your colleague, try to talk in person by visiting his or her desk. Try to take stairs whenever you can, instead of using the elevators. If you can, try to do a few stretches right at your workstation. Well, doing all of these may consume a few extra minutes every day, however, these also burn some calories.

Do you often run out of time to complete the planned activities for a day?

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Unwind yourself in proper fashion

A good amount of rest at night helps you to better prepare for the upcoming day. Try not to touch your smartphone or laptop for an hour before you go to sleep. You should have a healthy dinner and a few minutes of walk should be followed. When you are at bed, try to calm yourself and get to sleep. If you find it hard to get to sleep right after going to bed, remembers books are always your best friend.

Everyone can make the most of his or her day by following the tips mentioned above. They are not tough to follow, but incorporating some into your daily life may take a bit of extra time. However, once you start, there is no looking back. So, what is making you wait anymore? Start making every day in your life from now on, the most fulfilling day you ever had.


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    • kaltuma profile image


      2 years ago from meru -kenya

      nice i like the info.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      2 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice hub with useful suggestions!

      I do believe in planning my day and as you say 'to make the most' of my day. It's important and keeps me calm and stress free. When we are able to finish our work to our satisfaction, within the available time, it helps in getting good sleep as well.

      Thank you for sharing this useful hub!

    • David Branagan profile image

      David Branagan 

      2 years ago from Ireland

      To make the most of my day I literally make a 'to do' list in my phone. It's all ordered according to priority. I little OCD I think, but I find it very useful.


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