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How to Manifest Our Desires by Living With Expectancy

Updated on April 26, 2020
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Alex Mezulari has devoted two decades seeking peace of mind and discovered the power within for all his needs and achieve self realization

When we Live with expectancy we manifest the power to create our dreams to come true

Romans 4:16 "Call those things that are not as though they were."

Cultivating expectancy is truly instrumental in bringing your vision and dreams to fruition. We need to thank our creator in advance for what is already ours and on the way. Waiting until you receive what you want and then thanking your source is not true faith but living by sight. When you possess an expectant mindset you release God's power to make what you desire to manifest in your life. What we think about comes to us if you have it in the forefront of your mind. Planting images in your mind of what you desire already in your possession will activate a part of your mind called the reticular activating system. RAS is the ability to program the mind to notice what you have been thinking about and bring it closer to materializing by the law of attraction. Like a magnet, your thoughts will draw in your desired reality.

Thoughts of self-doubt can negate this inherent ability to co-create our reality and give us the power to draw in what we are seeking. Les Brown says "whatever you are seeking, it is seeking you." Once you develop the ability to transform dreams into our lives is a power we possess and getting in tune with this ability to simply speak it once and ask the universe to deliver it undoubtedly will. The catch is that what you ask most times would impede on our journey to complete alignment of body, mind, and spirit. Learning to recognize that God is supernatural and will bring what you ask not according to what you desire but instead delivers it in a way where you receive your request in a whole different way that will push you forward into your destiny, For example perhaps you desire to have more money. Most would say hitting the lottery would fulfill our needs, God will instead put you in a position where you decide to get a new skill and look at the infinite possibilities of making your dream come true however relies on you having to participate and do what it takes to make your dreams reality. "Faith without works is dead.". The real question should be "God show me what I need to do to fulfill my purpose here on earth?" What that purpose is will in time become more apparent and when you find that purpose it becomes the only thing you need to become successful in this lifetime. In Matthew 6:21 reads "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

Being Mindful About What We Keep in Our Minds Will Provide A Way In Which the Universe Responds

Faith, hope, and belief are tools to help move us along our journey. You must first have hope before you have faith. Belief is the catalyst to solidify what you are expecting. All three are key to creating a reality overflowing with abundance. Developing the power of these tools does not come overnight. In due time they will strengthen and grow until you have the ability to co-create. With alignment, the unity of hope, faith, and belief the world becomes an empty canvas and we hold the brush. Fortify your belief system with quotes or scriptures which resonate with you. Our daily habits should consist of daily mantras, affirmations, and meditations. We then tap into the bounty of the universe by expecting that what we reap will bring us a harvest. The seeds we sow become trees and in the right season will bear fruit.

We should always expect things to get better because they are. "This too shall pass" is a true statement about the nature of our impermanent reality. Situations will arise where we will be full of worry because life happens to us all. Realizing that God is still in control and has not brought you this far only to abandon you is the right thing to tell ourselves. Whenever we get discouraged or overwhelmed with our life we can think about the times when we were in trouble and things ended up working out. Getting this down into your spirit will not only give you peace of mind but will also extend your life. Stress and worry kill dreams and robs us of something very valuable. A connection with a higher power that is always looking for us to abide in him. When self-realized we live our lives with a boldness to declare that whatever I ask shall be given. It is this type of faith where God goes to work and will give you what you need to fulfill your calling.


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