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Overcoming Fears

Updated on October 26, 2012
charlynjune profile image

Charlyn June has been writing since her elementary grades. She is a freelance writer who writes any topic from her clients.


Everyone has their own fear/s for sure. First, identify your fears, think of the things that generate it and how you react on it. Here are some ways to overcome one’s fear:

1. Sedona Method – This is a method which could be availed online. These processes concentrate on how you free yourself from feelings such as pain and trouble. Of how you let go of the fear feelings inside in order to prevent the uneasiness it gives us. One way included in the process is to knowingly free up your feeling, you feel fear then you let it go, if you do this then there is a possibility that this kind of feeling will not stay too long. Another way is accepting the feeling. You should know that fear will not at all harm you so just accept it and do not let it control you. And the last one is embracing your fear. Instead of letting go of the feeling, you let it come inside you and observe how you react on it and learn from it.

2. The Work – This method by Byron Katie is a 4-question based process. It is structured to let out all your stressful thoughts and to help you make the most out of your life. It is a process by which you will identify what is it that gives you the feeling of fear and to understand the causes of this feeling in that manner you will address it properly.

3. Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis – This method works by targeting the negative thoughts which leads to fear and slowly embracing them then afterwards letting it go to free up your heart and mind. Here are some steps to do self-hypnosis:

· Find a quiet and comfortable room for you to lie down or sit. Position yourself in a relaxed manner and make sure both your feet are on the ground or uncrossed. Make sure you will be alone in the room for at least 30 minutes.

· Close your eyes and free up your mind with any stressful thoughts. Do not force yourself to let go of these thoughts, just let them in and then slowly let them out.

· Imagine any tension to be slowly fading out of your body and vanishing one at a time starting from your toes up to your head. Relax each part of the body; you can imagine the water slowly cleansing every tension at all parts of your body.

· Inhale and exhale slowly. You consider that the air you breathe in as clean as white clouds coming inside you and as you breathe out, imagine it as dark clouds coming out your body and moving away from you.

· Now, you are fully relaxed. You imagine that you are at the top of a 10-step staircase and the fifth step is sunk in water. Tell yourself that will go down the step, as you go down you count starting from 10 going down. When you reach the fifth step, you imagine and feel the coolness of the water and tell yourself that this is an oasis filled with pure and clean water. As you feel the water go higher up your body, you should feel that your heart will beat faster and that your body is somewhat numb. Let any uneasiness drift away with the water.

· At this point, you should feel nothing but just a floating sensation or spinning (if you do not feel this way, you may try again the first few steps). Now, proceed to address your problems and ask yourself what it is that you really want. Talk to yourself as if you are reading from a paper. Picture three boxes underwater. You have to swim to get them and open each box slowly one at a time and narrate what you feel. Avoid negative statements. Instead think positive ones such as “I am feeling calm and relaxed”. Repeat these statements 2 to 3 times or as many as you want.

· Once you are satisfied, you swim back to the staircase and slowly step up as you feel the water go lower and lower your body. On the sixth step, take a little time to remove the feeling of having a heavy weight on your chest by continuously repeating your statements. After letting go of the feeling, slowly climb up the stairs.

· When you reach the top, slowly open your eyes by imagining that you are opening a door to the outside world. After opening the door, these should make your eyes open. Slowly get up and wake yourself up by talking.

4. Therapy – If you think you can’t handle your fears, you could find for a trusted therapist to help you out. You may also hear friends’ advices and other people’s opinions.

5. Read, Write and Talk – The best way to let your fears out if you are a shy-type kind of person is to write them down. In that way, you are identifying your fears and you try to find ways to overcome them. You may read books which could help you with your problem. Find something that talks about your fears which could help you understand more about the matter. Or you may talk to someone you trust and accept their advices.

6. Be positive – Whenever fear strikes, you think otherwise. When you are taking an exam and you fear to fail, think of yourself shouting with joy because you passed.

7. Find someone who got similar problems – You may feel more comfortable sharing your stories to people who have the same fears as yours. Get in the crowd and feel free to share what you got.

8. Prayer – As we all know, whenever we pray, we let all our negative feelings out. We talk with God, surrender ourselves to Him, and ask for His guidance and help. We believe things would go smoothly in His presence.

9. Understand that everybody fails – We have to understand that in one way or another, each one of us fails. Think then of what is next to happen. When you get embarrassed, will you be fired out of work? No, everybody just laughs at you but you still got to move on.

10.Breathe – Fear strikes? Slowly breathe in and out and then smile. There’s nothing wrong when you smile even if you are afraid. You should still feel confident that at the end of everything, there is joy.

Overcoming fear is a positive way of developing our strengths and reducing our weaknesses. You searched for ways to overcome your fears because you have a positive thought that you still could improve. You may be afraid of something, but you still got a life to live for. Go on and think positive.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hello charlynjune, this is a terrific article, good job! I swear hypnosis is the most underrated self-help available - I use it often and it has worked very well for me over the years. I also love that you mentioned positive thinking because it is known that our thoughts are energy, and thinking positively can be very beneficial.

      Rated up!


    • charlynjune profile imageAUTHOR

      Charlyn June 

      5 years ago from Philippines

      @ ma'am Debbie: Thanks, sure, I'll search you on facebook.. nice meeting you too.. You are the ones giving me the courage to pursue with my writing.. I am gaining more confidence..

      @ DDE: Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, if you have fear of heights, then you'd rather imagine for things which could help you feel relaxed.. Thanks for the visit..

      @ CrisSp: Sure, No. 5 is really nice for those with personality like you. . What I really mean with talking there is with those people you trust simply because you don't want to talk about your fears with other people around you.. Thanks for the appreciation and I love reading your comments. Nice to meet you all.

      You are all my inspiration. I'll try to write as often as I can..

    • CrisSp profile image


      5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      I would prefer your number 5 form of overcoming fear, which is read, write and talk. However, I am also a bit scared of talking and I mean talking in public. So, I guess I'll keep it to the minimum-talk in a small circle of friends.

      Good hub and good job in emphasizing the positive outlook that we should all focus on. I like that attitude. Cheers!

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Good points in overcoming fears sometime sit is not as simple as it seems unless you are in the same situation, fear of heights for example I am not keen on climbing step ladders but your way of explanation sounds great

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 

      5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      wow I love how you describe exactly what we need to do to relax and how to handle our fears. many blessings to you. My writings really helps me.. and lots of prayer.. is awesome.

      I am going to share this on Prayer request page on Facebook.

      If you are on Facebook I am Deborah Brooks Langford

      so nice to meet you



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