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How to Practice Breathing Meditation:Have Peace of Mind

Updated on October 11, 2009

The first step to breathing meditation is first the posture; you may sit in any position that is comfortable to you. However, it is important to keep the back straight to reduce the risk of becoming sluggish or sleepy. You may also meditate anywhere, and at any time. Do try to find a quite place if this is your first time practicing meditation. Next, you will need to keep your eyes closed, for the eyes are seen as the window to the outer world, and the purpose of meditation is to be shut off from the outer world. Instead, keep your thoughts clear and lucid.

The second step to breathing meditation is the actual process. Here, it is important that you concentrate only on your breath, and nothing more. In this step you may find it hard to keep your mind clear, or you may find that your thoughts are too busy. Do not think that meditation isn't for you, and that you cannot do it. Meditation is for anyone. Every person should practice meditation to obtain a healthier mind and life. When you find that your thoughts are over busy, do not be alarmed, this is simply yourself becoming aware how busy your mind really is. Try to refocus your thoughts on your breath, do not breath consciously or control your breathing, simply feel the sensation of your breath. Listen to the pattern of your breathing. Each time you find your mind wondering off refocus back to your breathing.

The third step is merely to maintain your breath. Think of your breathing as your teacher, we must pay extra attention to our teacher to gain insight, knowledge, and inner power. Your breath will do this for you. The reason for this is because, breathing meditation lowers stress, and quiets the over active mind. This will help you think clearer, live a happier life, strengthen your relationships, gain wisdom from yourself, see ideas and opportunities in a whole new light, and heighten your confidence. Think of stress as the poison of your life, when a person is stressed they become closed minded, frustrated, angry, and depressed. At times stress may cause some sicknesses, hair to fall out, weight gain, stress can also damage your personal relationships or hurt your professional ones. With breathing meditation it will allow you to step away from that poison, and obtain inner peace.

Do not be discouraged if your first time isn't as fulfilling as you may have hoped. The key is to practice, practice, and practice. Keep in mind though, perfect practice makes practice perfect; if you do not focus on your breath you will get nowhere. Breathing meditation should be practiced at least once a day alone or with others. The amount of time you practice should go accordingly to your age. For example, if you are a thirty year old man, then you should practice for thirsty minutes a day.

I hope this has been some service to you, and I wish you luck in your journey to finding inner peace, happiness, and joy.


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    • profile image

      John@Meditation Audio 6 years ago

      The right breathing technique for meditation can play a very effective role in providing relief from stress and anxiety. It helps in achieving a greater concentration of mind while focusing on the breath and deepening it.