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How to Prevent Young People Around You Become Drugs Addicted

Updated on May 20, 2009

Last month I just read an article about a Korean actor (Mr. Joo Ji-hoon) who has been busted because of using drugs. He was busted with four other people and what make me feel sorry about him is that he used to be a fine, talented, and young actor with such a great of bright future. What a pity !
What makes him fell into such terrible mistake ? He's famous and talented, in fact he was in the middle of a new movie making and now his career is over. In country like South Korea, if you are a famous star and involved with drug use your career will be over. So, what makes young people fall into drug addict ?

What make young people using drugs

Many reasons, as far as I know young people tend to be very unstable and fragile. They are easy affected by their friend if they  hang out with wrong friend then it's easy to be influenced by them. Maybe they curious and like to try the drugs and think It won't effect them much. Or maybe they use drug because of depression. They may also use drugs because they want to run away from problems that they face, so it is very important to find out what the problem is being faced by young people. Sometime marital problems between parents, parents passivity, tension with the family or the inability to follow the lessons at school can be caused many young people using drugs. Another reasons are the desire to have fun, want to be received in a social environtment, running out of boredom of the bitter reality of life - well movie is not a real life, and the wrong belief that if I use drugs rarely it won't get me addicted.

Joo Ji-hoon was busted using ecstasy and ketamine. What is ecstasy and how it affected people ?
Ecstasy is the popular name from MDMA ( Methylene Dioxy Meth Amphetamine).These drugs are packed in the form of a  small pill with white or yellow color.  Ecstasy will react directy  after it swallowed about 40 minutes.   

Drugs Make You Ugly

The user will feel such feelings:

More confident, talkative

The festive and cheery

If you enjoyed while listening to the music scene such a noisy House Music, you will move your body and head over and over.

The strong increase stamina / do not feel tired

But, if the user stop the using of this drug, they will feel :

Blood pressure and heart rate increased rapidly and high

Over sweating

Chin and teeth vibrate, The unruly, often shivering

Frequently feel anxious and paranoid

Do not want to eat, the body lean and the pupil's eyes widen

Often feel tired, sleep long, or even can not sleep and had a hard depression.

It can cause a heart attack, the physical and thought had fallen sharply


How to deal with people who are addicted to drugs ?

First we have to recognize the symptoms like :
Abusive behavior against the school, family or friend.
Temper tantrum that is not reasonable and the change in mood all of sudden.
Suddenly fight or struggle the discipline at home or at school.
Borrow or steal money from home, school or shops (to support their bad habits).
Wearing glasses at the time that is not appropriate to cover their widen eyes..
Hiding in the bathroom or the odd places such as a warehouse or a ladder for a long time.
Not attend and stop the achievement at school.
More withdrawn and loner.
Extremes changes in a few days indicates the use of drugs.

Second, seek a professional help.

You may search for help from professional doctors and healing group discussion.

How to prevent your kid or young people around you from drugs addict ?

There are no instructions to know quickly if people are addicted to drugs.Some of the above symptoms may be normal because of adjustments to the new situation and growing kid . If you are in doubt just seek help. Ask your family doctor or clinic nearest you to check your kid or family that you know the disease or other physical problems. Start making an active role in preventing drug use. Main target is so that your kid and family can build a defense to avoid using drugs.

See instructions or drugs equipment . Some of the common goods such as pipes, paper roll, some small drugs bottles , eyedrops or lighters may indicate your kid using drugs. If you suspect your kid using drugs, do not hesitate to seek help. But should remain firm and support the kid stated that you understand that they need help from you to fix the problem.

Be sympathetic and emphatic. Don't just blame them but give them support and assure them that they need help. Help them to seek for helping groups and professional doctors. If you deal with them remain calm and objective.

Give them attention, listen to them sometime parents do not have time to listen to their children. Listen to your kid, let them tell you everything from their mind, do not cut their conversation, do not say "If I were you I will bla..bla..bla..," Assure them that it will be safe to talk to you, that you can understand their problems.

Watch your child's body language and expressions, people communicate in two ways verbal and non verbal such as body language. You can find that somebody is lying from their body language.Watch if your kids are nervous, anxiety, check their watch often, knock their fingers, or they are easily look straight at your eyes, smile at you, etc.

Teach your kid to say no to drugs, tell them to be more alert. Like if somebody give them a strange thing, tell them to ask what the things are ? or Where the things come from and etc. If they're out to a party, ask them who will be there, where the party took place, there are parents or not in the party and etc.

Just remember as parents or adults try to watch, listen, and understand the young people.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      my brother takes drug. we always support him, and talk to him calmly but then he always lied to us. he says that he is trying very hard but then the day he don take drug he says he feel likes as if his body is shrinking and he couldn't sleep at nite.. and the worst part is he often fall which lead to a major injuries. please suggest me how to help him.

    • DrMikeFitzpatrick profile image


      7 years ago from Sandpoint, Idaho

      If professional help was so great, then where are the victories?

      In our work, over 90% of alcohol and drug addictions were rooted in the person who felt their dad did NOT love them-period. We reversed that condition simply. Dr. Mike

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      alot of parents argue with their kids about their addiction. that only makes it worse. i actually believe the WORST thing a parent can do is kick their kid out bc they are using drugs. wen u severly depress an addict, it only makes them worse. the only way to help FIGHT ADDICTION is to do it with love, support, and being understanding, even if ur child is stealing from u, realize its not them, its the drugs. Why cant people understand this. im also a recovering addict and these are the things that make me wanna relapse. i strongly advise parents to listen to this, as much as u might wanna choke ur kid out for putting u thru the pain n sorrow, realize that ur child is going thru 20x worse pain and sorrow (from the guilt of doing bad things to their loved ones, to actually using and knowing what their lives have become) nobody ever said it was easy, and it deff isnt

    • febriedethan profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Indonesia

      Lawrence, thank's for reading!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for the great advice on how to deal with young people and drugs

    • febriedethan profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Indonesia

      You're so nice sir, thank's

    • Bbudoyono profile image


      9 years ago

      Excellent as always.


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