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How to Quit Smoking Cigarette

Updated on August 4, 2009

Smoking is one of the strongest addictive. Most of the smokers have tried quitting several times in their life but most of them don't succeed. You know what they say: "You never quit smoking, You only take a break".

First of all you have to convince your self that you want to quit. Smoking cigarettes is addictive both psychically and psychologically. You can get rid of psychical addiction in several days but most people can't deal with the psychological addiction. I was thinking of quitting smoking for several months lately but I just couldn't get into action. One day I was having this discussions with my girl friend again and I made my classical argument. "I can quit if I want to". Then it came to a point where I had to prove that. At that moment I have declared that I quit smoking. I even had a full pack of cigarettes but I have never touched that again. Do not find your self excuses like I will quit after this pack or after this month. Just quit when you decide to.

Have you Ever Tried Quitting Smoking?

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Smoking Kills
Smoking Kills

Some Quick Tips

-When you quit smoking YOU QUIT. Don't trick your self with one more cigarette.

-Alcohol and cigarattes are good friends. Try to stay out ouf bars & pubs. A smoking environment can persuade you to smoke one more.

-Start working out and drink water regularly. Sports will help your body refresh.

-Fear Smoking. Smoking kills you and that's not a joke. Try looking at pictures of smokers lungs. That's how your lungs will look when you get old.

-Lung Cancer and smoking are good friends. You are increasing your risk of suffering cancer by every cigarette you smoke.

-You really stink. You don't take the smell doesn't change the fact that non smokers can feelĀ  the bad smell.

-Your teeth will turn yellow. Disgusting.

-Even your fingers can change color.

-You will be exhausted even after few steps.

-Do you think you look Sexy with the cigarette in your mouth. Cigarette affects your SEX performance really bad.


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    • profile image

      Kylemaniaa 7 years ago

      Great tips! you can also try e-cigs to quite smoking.

    • axeny profile image

      axeny 8 years ago

      Do you recommend any medicine which can help us to stop smoking?