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How to Rediscover The Joy of Writing in 8 Simple Ways?

Updated on July 8, 2020
Arnaba Saha profile image

Arnaba is a self- motivated person who likes to seek, find and share various ways to stay motivated, optimistic, and pragmatic.


Generally, passion for writing is one thing that compels people to get into the writing business. It’s not just an impulsive decision; it’s something without which they can't even imagine their lives. However, the sad part is, when you start writing for others as a professional commitment, you begin to lose the joy you derived from the process of writing. It becomes nothing more than a mundane task.

Every freelance (known to me) has been through this phase at least once in their career (including me). Thus, it’s not uncommon. Yet, you cannot afford to let that feeling of joylessness linger longer or it will become permanent.

Therefore, I suggest, you make some conscious efforts to rediscover the joy of writing. You need to take some effective steps to rekindle the joy of writing that inspired you to take up writing as your profession.

Here are the 8 Simple Ways to Rediscover your lost Joy of Writing:

1. Step Away from Your Computer

Monotony is the biggest foe of creativity and fun. If you continuously work on your computer/laptop for a long time then you will lose your enthusiasm for new things. Writing word after word in the same place without a break can make the idea of writing a tedious and stale job.

Either completely stay away from your computer/laptop or restrict and limit your time on it. Take some time off and engage in an activity that you like. 10 mins exercise routine, walk to the park, or just stare outside the window with a cup of coffee is all that you need to take a small break from your computer/ laptop.

2. Read

Reading is the best way to relax, learn new writing styles, and find inspiration for your next article or story. No other activity can have such an amazing wide range of benefits than reading a book. Even the bad ones will help you understand “how not to write” or “how to ruin your reader’s day”. On the other hand, sometimes the worst of the books can help you derive a brilliant idea that even the writer has missed consequently turning his book into a failure.

Another way to find inspiration from a book is to rewrite the story in your style, giving the story spins and twists of your choice. This practice will allow you to retell a story with a new narrative direction. More often than you can imagine, these rewritten stories become completely different and unique stories.

If you are searching for inspiration to hit you, then you can apply this technique.

3. Watch Some TV

Just like reading books, watching tv or movies help you see and experience new stories, perspective, and narrative styles. It is a great way to get inspired. You will find a new and unique ideas that will compel you to write for yourself and eventually rekindle your love for writing.

You can write reviews or list the reasons why you liked or disliked the Tv show or movie you have seen recently. Turn it into a blog post and voila! You have a write up to share with the world. It is wont to take too much time and it is satisfying.

4. Talk to a friend

When you are stuck with writing mundane topics like insurance or cable wires for your clients, your brain loses its creative juices. You need to get out of your home and talk to people. It will help you distract from your boring work and find some creative ideas to write once you are done with your client’s work.

If you don’t have much time then call your friend over the phone. Allow your brain some distraction to rejuvenate its creative cells.

5. Write for Fun

Writing for clients is very boring and more time you spent writing for others, the more you lose the fun of writing. To spice up your writing routine, dedicate some time to your daily or weekly schedule for fun writing. Write a short story or a poem for instance. Or you can write a snippet or anecdote on you, your family or friends, nature, work, or life.

In your “fun writing” session, you can choose any topic under the sun that interests you. In fact, you can write without any intention to come up with anything intelligent. Simply write your heart out.

Follow your heart and you will find the lost joy of writing you are desperately trying to rediscover.

6. Take a Challenge

Your brain loves challenges and challenges are the keys to sharpen your thinking and cognitive skills. Take up a writing challenge like a short story every weekend for a month or 100-word micro-fiction in 7 days' challenges. These challenges will fire up your spirit for writing. Imagine every day waking up for a new story or blog.

You can also take part in online writing challenges. There are plenty of them available out there. Many of them offer heavy cash prizes if that’s a kind of boost you need to get started.

7. Break the Monotony

As mentioned earlier, monotony is the biggest barrier to creativity. It can turn a fertile mind into a barren land; a land without inspiration and imagination. Try to do something out of the box to bring some change in your daily schedule to break the monotony.

Go to a cafe and enjoy your favorite coffee. Visit your nearest library and spend some time in your favorite section. Meet up with friends. Listen to your favorite track and gaze at the sky.

These tasks might look insignificant and frivolous but they have a great impact on your mood. No one can deny, the importance of mood and inspiration for a writer.

8. Bring Some Change

One way to bring change in any scenario is to modify your physical environment. Revamp your work station like changing the desk, add or remove accessories present on the desk or bring in some plants.

Sometimes, it is the emotional and mental changes that you need. Try things that will uplift your mood. Meditation, yoga, and exercise are some practices that can drastically change your mental and emotional state.

You can also try to change your writing schedule if you are a freelancer.

Your mood and the ambiance you work in can have a significant impact on your writing spirits as well.


After walking miles on the same road every day, you are bound to feel tired, exhausted, and bored. It is but natural to seek a new road or mode of transport to spice up your journey.

Your journey of professional writing is no different. You are bound to feel the need for some new ways to jazz up your writing mood.

All the above tricks are advised to help rediscover your love for writing. So, waste no more time and try out every trick until you things work out for you. Not every trick is for you, therefore, keep trying until your love for writing is rekindled.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Arnaba Saha


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